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What is the technological process of beer production?

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Beer production can be roughly divided into three main processes: malt manufacturing, beer brewing and beer filling.


 1.Malt manufacturing 

Mash the malt/grain and water in a Gelatinization tank. In a Gelatinization tank, the malt and water are heated and brought to a boil. The wort is pumped to a filter tank. Before the wort is pumped into the boiling tank, the malt husks must be removed from the filter and hops and sugar must be added.



 2.Beer brewing 

Saccharification: the crushed malt and starch auxiliary materials are mixed with warm water in a Gelatinization tank and a mash tank respectively, and the temperature is adjusted. After the fully liquefied mash is mixed into the mash tank, the mash is kept at a temperature suitable for saccharification (62-70℃) to produce wheat mash.



Adding hops in a Mash kettle

Fermentation: Most yeast deposits at the bottom of the tank. After the yeast is removed, the resulting "young beer" is pumped into a post-fermentation tank. Here, the remaining yeast and insoluble proteins are further precipitated to gradually mature the beer style. Ripening time varies from beer to beer, usually between 7 and 21 days.


 3.Beer filling 

Packing is usually in the form of bottle, can or keg. In addition, different shapes and sizes of bottles, different labels, neck covers and caps, and diverse packaging make up a dizzying array of beer products on the market.
The fermentation process of beer is the normal life activities of beer yeast under certain conditions by using fermentable substances in wort, and its metabolite is the product needed -- beer. Due to different types of yeast, different fermentation conditions, product requirements and flavor, fermentation methods are also different. According to different types of yeast fermentation, beer can be divided into upper fermentation beer and bottom fermentation beer.


Automatic beer filling machine in a mash kettle

Generally speaking, beer fermentation technology can be divided into traditional fermentation technology and modern fermentation technology. Modern fermentation mainly includes cylindrical-conical fermentation, continuous fermentation and high-concentration dilution fermentation. At present, the main use of cylindrical-conical fermentation tank to ferment.


Beer cylindro-conical fermenters

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