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Why choose us
DTR brewery combines state of the art technology with detailed craftsmanship to provide the industry’s highest quality systems and the industry’s best customer service.
Within the walls of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities you’ll find an industry tenured and talented team of engineers, technicians, brewmasters and dedicated professionals.
DTR brewery are capable of providing a full range of products and services to meet your custom demands. DTR brewery prides ourselves on providing the highest grade of customer service from the planning process to installation and continued support after the project is complete.
DTR brewery expertise with a wide variety of beverage process equipment can save you time and money on upgrading your brewing operation or starting up a new one at the industry’s most competitive prices.
Each piece of our equipment is constructed using the most technologically advanced processes the industry has to offer and high quality materials to match, such as 304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel.
Whether the need is a single piece, or a complete project from design to execution, DTR brewery is the answer.

Our Family
Our team has a different division of labor, they are experts in every field
Our company and many other companies formed a friendly and cooperative partnership
Brewery - Chemicals - Chocolate - Cosmetics - Pharmacy - Industry - Agriculture - Food - Dairy
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