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Articles about beer fermenter brewery equipment.
  • How to Identify the malt in beer brewing process?
    How to Identify the malt in beer brewing process?

    Barley is one of the important raw materials in the process of beer brewing, so the quality of malt plays an important role in the quality and taste of beer. Today, beer brewing equipment manufacturers will talk about how to identify the quality of malt.

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  • Control measures of dissolved oxygen in beer?
    Control measures of dissolved oxygen in beer?

    (1)Gelatinizing tank,mash tank, filter tank and boiling tank all adopt closed round manhole. The manhole door must be closed in the production process to reduce the oxygen dissolution in the process of process operation as much as possible. (2)The inlet pipe of the mash and wort should be located at the bottom of the tank to reduce the contact between the mash and wort and oxygen during transportation. (3)The mash mixing times should be reduced and the mixing time should be shortened to avoid the mash forming vorticity and inhaling a large amount of air.

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  • How to make beer foam longer?
    How to make beer foam longer?

    Beer foam is a complex and difficult to understand phenomenon. What is a bubble? Simply put, foam is the process by which a large amount of gas escapes from a relatively small amount of liquid. Foam does not occur spontaneously, but requires an external force such as shaking or pouring into the cup to cause the gas to escape, sometimes known as "bubbling". So, beer brewing equipment manufacturers talk about how to get better foaming effect?

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