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How to choose a brewery(brewing system / brewhouse)?

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According to the daily output, it can be divided into large-scale beer equipment, commercial beer equipment and home brewing beer equipment. Large-scale beer equipment—applicable to breweries, and has strict requirements on the design of venues and workshops. Commercial beer equipment-suitable for beer houses, bars, restaurants and other places. Home brewing equipment-suitable for individuals. The combination of large equipment is gelatinization tun, mash tun, lauter tun, kettle tank, whirlpool tank. Commercial beer equipment is usually equipped with 2 to 3 vessels, mainly traditional 2 vessels brewhouse, mobile 2 vessels brewhouse, combined 3 vessels brewhouse, split 3 vessels brewhouse,large-scale 4 vessels /5 vessels brewhouse, etc. Home brewing equipment is generally an all-in-one machine, this beer equipment has a small footprint, simple operation and cost-saving.

Traditional 2 vessels brewhouse & movable 2 vessels brewhouse

This beer equipment is widely used in the beer industry. It mainly consists of a mash tun/lauter tun,kettle/whirlpool tank.

Its main advantages are:

  • The brewhouse is simple and low investment.

  • The pipeline is simple and easy to operate.

  • The height of brewhouse is low, and there is no high requirement on the site height.


DEGONG 5HL 2 Vessel Brewhouse

Combined 3 vessels brewhouse

This type of brewery t is generally a mash /kettle tun、lauter/whirlpool tank. The lauter/whirlpool tank is actually composed of an upper and lower two-layer structure. The upper layer is lauter tank and the lower layer is whirlpool tank.This type of brewhouse is popular in the US market.

Its main advantages are:

  • The heating area of the mash/kettle tank is large, and the heating speed is fast.

  • The location of the lauter tun is high, which can realize natural filtration (wort is filtered by gravity), the filtration speed is fast, and the wort is clear and bright.

  • The vertical cylindrical groove design of the whirlpool tank, which can achieve a better separation effect for the the hop lees and the hot coagulum

  • When the wort is filtered, the mash/kettle tank can prepare the spent grains water, and the spent grains can be washed while filtering, which can shorten the mash time by 30-50 minutes, and the brewing batch can be up to 5 batches per day.

Customized 3 vessels brewhouse

There are many combinations of this kind of brewery, common combinations are as follows:

Mash tun + lauter tun +kettle/whirlpool tank

mash/lauter tun + kettle tank + whirlpool tank

mash/lauter tun+kettle/whirlpool tank+hot water tank

Its main advantages are:

  • Flexible combinations to meet different customer needs.

  • The height of the brewery is not high, and the requirements for the height of the site are not high

  • Fast heating speed, reduce mash time


DEGONG 10HL 3 vessel Brewhouse

Large 4 vessels/ 5vessels brewhouse

This type of brewhouse has a volume of 2000L or more than 2000L. The combination of 4 vessels brewhouse is mash tun, lauter tun, kettle tank and whirlpool tank. The combination of 5 vessels brewhouse is gelatinization tank,mash tun, lauter tun, kettle tank and whirlpool tank. The large-scale brewhouse usually with auxiliary equipment such as screw conveyor, wort buffer tank, Hop filter tank, etc.

Its main advantages are:

  • Daily brewing batches of up to 5 batches.

  • The mash tun and kettle tun with new type of heating jacket to shorten the mash heating time, and the boiling strength can reach up to 8-10%, which is conducive to protein denaturation and aggregation and can reduce the content of undesirable taste substances.

  • Using screw conveyor to easily convey malt.

  • The wort buffer tank is added, which can realize the natural filtration of wort.


DEGONG 20HL 4 Vessel Brewhouse

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