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Articles about brewing system brewery equipment.
  • The dimethyl sulfur (DMS)in beer is discussed
    The dimethyl sulfur (DMS)in beer is discussed

    DMS is a thioether compound with a lower boiling point. The solubility in water is less than 300 mM. Thioether compounds are usually oily and have a specific, but unpleasant odor.But the presence of DMS in moderate amounts confers important and beneficial aromas and flavors to many foods. Such as tea, milk, wine and a variety of beverages.

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  • Yeast, the raw material for craft beer brewing
    Yeast, the raw material for craft beer brewing

    Brewer's yeast belongs to the yeast genus. In wort, through the external cell membrane, they will absorb dissolved sugars, simple nitrogen substances, vitamins, ions and other substances, and then they use these substances through metabolic pathway, for their own growth and fermentation, and produce rich beer flavor substances at the same time. Therefore, yeast is the main player of beer fermentation and the soul of beer brewing. The type and quality of yeast determine the type and flavor of beer.

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  • Winemaking methods and processes
    Winemaking methods and processes

    The wine-making process originated in Anatolia, Turkey, 6000 years ago. According to the Bible, it is said that after the great flood washed Noah's ark to Mount Ale in eastern Anatolia, a goat on the ark led a man to a slope covered with wild grapes. the fallen wild grapes were fermented with Rain Water and wafted into bursts of wine smell, so he was inspired to become the world's first winemaker.

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