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Precautions for the operation of each system of beer equipment

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Mill System

  • After each pulverization, clean the contaminants on the pulverizer.

  • During the whole crushing process, if contaminants are attached to the crusher, it needs to be crushed after cleaning.

Mashing System

  • When home brewing, pay attention to the water flow on the surface of the home heating pipe or home heating wall;

  • When filtration is difficult, after loosening the particle layer, start the agitator, and start the stirring device when not filtering

  • Wort pump: It is infeasible to feed the pump by turning it on and off, and it is easy to melt the motor; after the brewing is completed, clean up the appearance in time. Do not rub against hard-to-handle items to prevent damage to the outer wall of the tank when there is a lot of dust.

  • Improve the clarity of the wort, make the wort clear and transparent, reduce the malt pollution in the beer, improve the quality of the beer, and improve the taste of the beer.

Fermentation System

  • During the fermentation process, pay attention to the pressure requirements of the fermentation vessel and do not push the program;

  • When the temperature level decreases, the surface of the inner wall freezes;

  • The fermentation equipment is maintained once a year to prevent operation errors and damage to the container;

  • The outer wall of the fermentation container must be cleaned regularly, and the outer wall must be cleaned after each process.

  • Regular pickling to eliminate beer stones in storage tanks.

Cooling System

  • When using the medium temperature machine, the temperature of the ice water should not be lowered too low and should be controlled within a reasonable range.

  • The refrigerator works for a long time, and take corresponding protective measures.

Control System

  • The initial voltage is within the normal range, and the voltage should not be too large; after the original electrical appliance is damaged, it needs to be replaced quickly;

  • The control cabinet is separated and kept completely dry.

  • It is recommended to install cooling fans and vents in the control cabinet.

  • Routine equipment and operating units require daily cleaning to maintain tank cleanliness. Instruments and meters will be kept regularly, and the control system will be maintained regularly.


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