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How to choose the brewhouse equipment for craft beer?

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The development direction of DEONG beer equipment should be customized products. The so-called customized product refers to the product should be oriented to all types of customers (including craft lovers, homebrew lovers, hotel customers, bar customers, factory customers, etc.) to meet the customized functions proposed by customers. The second is that when customers choose and buy equipment, they can freely combine and match the equipment. If you want to read more about the device, please read on.


 Traditional 2 vessels: 
This equipment is used earlier in the industry, mainly composed of mash/boiling tank and filter tank, which have the function of whirlpool tank, or mash/filtering and boiling/whirlpool.
Its main advantage is: the equipment is simple, the investment is small. (2) Simple pipeline, easy to operate. (3) Low equipment height, the site height requirements are not high.
Its main drawback is: (1) when the wort filtration can only take the suction filter (namely the mash in the filter tank, through the wort extract wort pump, pumping into mash/boiling tank), filtering is relatively slow, the beermaker demand is higher, once the operating error, light tight, lead to wheat bad layer filter is difficult, or lead to sieve plate deformation, affect the subsequent use. This kind of equipment will generally set up an agitator in the mash/boiling tank, because the mash/boiling pot also has the function of whirlpool, the agitator will affect the whirlpooling effect. (3) Wash water can only be prepared in advance, stored in a large tank, bucket or fermentation tank (generally not recommended to be stored in the fermentation tank, such as improper operation, easy to make the formation of vacuum fermentation tank or affect the operation of the ice water system), operation trouble, high heat loss. (4) Generally a day can only brew two batches, and the need for winemakers to stay up late overtime.

500 brewhouse-min

 Skid mounted brewhouse system

 Separate the three tanks 
This equipment has a variety of combinations, commonly used combinations are as follows: (1) mash tun + filter tank + boiling/whirlpool tank (2) the mash/filter tank + boiling /whirlpool tank (3) mash/filter tank + boiling/whirlpool tank + hot water tank (4) mash/boiling tank + filter tank+heat water tank, such equipment combination although varied, but plus ca change. Its main advantage is: (1) the daily brewing batch and the classic brewhouse three apparatus equipment is similar. (2) Relatively low equipment height. Its main disadvantage is: (1) filter can only take suction filter. (2) The equipment covers a large area.


 3 vessel beer brewing system

 Large-scale 3 vessels or 4 vessels: 

The general volume of this kind of equipment is 1000L or above, which is a combination form of mash/filter tank + boiling/whirlpool tank + hot water tank. Auxiliary equipment such as screw conveyer, wort balance tank, hops filter tank and so on are usually added.
Its main advantages as follows: (1) the most effective tools for craft factory, saccharification, filtration, boiling, spiral sink has a separate tank, and equipped with heat water tank, can significantly reduce the time of pan, saccharifying general will shorten the total time of 30 ~ 60 minutes, 6 batches brewed batch up to every day, can be equipped with five or six times the largest fermentation tank, can largely reduce the cost of equipment investment. (2) New heating jacket is used for saccharification/filtration tank and boiling/rotating sink, which can significantly shorten the heating time of saccharification and boil intensity up to 8 ~ 10%, which is conducive to protein denaturation and condensation and can reduce the content of bad flavoring substances. (3) The use of screw conveyor, malt powder transmission becomes easy and simple (do not underestimate this point, generally speaking 1000L wort in 200kg). (4) increased the wort balance can realize the wort natural filtration. Its main disadvantage is: this kind of output equipment is generally factory equipment, customers will directly face the food and drug administration, so the requirements for equipment processing are high. When you choose this kind of equipment must be a comprehensive investigation, price is one aspect, quality, after-sales service, manufacturers development are very important investigation content.

beer machine

Mash/lauter tank+Boiling/whirlpool tank+hot water tank

Various combinations of brewhouse configuration can be designed and adjusted for you according to your wishes. Let us provide them to help you brew high-quality beer.


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