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  • Six steps to brewing a great new beer?
    Six steps to brewing a great new beer?

    In most cases, we don't need to make specific plans and decisions for each problem. We just need to follow the old operation technology and processes. If we want to make a new classic style beer, it is best to plan and calculate every step. Here are six steps to making a great new beer .

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  • Control measures of dissolved oxygen in beer?
    Control measures of dissolved oxygen in beer?

    (1)Gelatinizing tank,mash tank, filter tank and boiling tank all adopt closed round manhole. The manhole door must be closed in the production process to reduce the oxygen dissolution in the process of process operation as much as possible. (2)The inlet pipe of the mash and wort should be located at the bottom of the tank to reduce the contact between the mash and wort and oxygen during transportation. (3)The mash mixing times should be reduced and the mixing time should be shortened to avoid the mash forming vorticity and inhaling a large amount of air.

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  • The dimethyl sulfur (DMS)in beer is discussed
    The dimethyl sulfur (DMS)in beer is discussed

    DMS is a thioether compound with a lower boiling point. The solubility in water is less than 300 mM. Thioether compounds are usually oily and have a specific, but unpleasant odor.But the presence of DMS in moderate amounts confers important and beneficial aromas and flavors to many foods. Such as tea, milk, wine and a variety of beverages.

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