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Effect of CO2 on beer taste in craft beer brewing equipment and how to prevent it

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CO2 is one of the important components of beer, it can effectively improve the effect of beer flavor substances, prolong the shelf life of beer, drink to give people with fresh, exciting taste.


Carbon dioxide in beer is produced in the fermentation process or partly artificial supplement, the content of carbon dioxide in beer is between 0.45% and 0.60%, the size of carbon dioxide content directly affects the taste, flavor and shelf life of beer.


When the content of carbon dioxide is insufficient, the foaming in beer will be reduced, the stimulation of carbon dioxide gas is too slight, the taste is dull and tasteless, the beer will lose its due characteristics; When the content of carbon dioxide is too high, CO2 the strong force will dilute the unique flavor of beer, such as aroma and bitterness, and also cause the phenomenon of beer foam and explosive bottles.


Therefore, if a brewer wants to produce high-quality beer, it is necessary to fully grasp the nature, quality requirements and control measures of CO2.

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1.Basic properties of CO2

CO2 is colorless, tasteless and odorless. It can be dissolved in water in large quantities and is easy to liquefy, which is a very important characteristic of CO2. When CO2 is dissolved in water, its dissolution is related to pressure, water temperature, and the contact surface area of gas-liquid two phases, etc. The content of CO2 in beer is usually measured by the volume multiple of dissolution. At 1 physical atmosphere, at 15.5℃, 1 volume of water can dissolve 1 volume of CO2.


2.The relationship between water temperature and CO2 solubility

Under constant pressure, the solubility of CO2 increases with the decrease of water temperature. Otherwise, the solubility decreases.


The volume of dissolved carbon dioxide in 1 volume of water and dissolved air is: 0.88:0.0176= 50:1, that is, if the water dissolved 1 volume of air will be extruding 50 times the volume of carbon dioxide in the air. Therefore, the water that dissolves carbon dioxide should have as little air as possible, and the purity of carbon dioxide should be as high as possible. For the use of beer high concentration dilution process manufacturers must pay attention to the above two factors important influence, should take measures to control the oxygen content.



3.The main role of CO2 in beer

  • Adjusting flavor, carbonation in beer to moderate the pH value of the solution of the role, so that beer in all kinds of flavor more coordinated, and give the beer strong killing taste, with appetizing, ventilation, cooling effect.

  • It is beneficial to promote the formation of beer foam, and is beneficial to the uniformity, stability and durability of the foam;

  • It can effectively prevent the dissolution of oxygen, improve the antioxidation ability of beer, and prolong the freshness time of beer

  • The spillover of CO2 in beer is beneficial to the aromatic smell of beer

  • The CO2 dissolved in beer can inhibit the growth of miscellany bacteria, enhance the antiseptic ability of beer, and prolong the shelf life of beer

  • It can reduce the pH value of beer, promote the precipitation of hops resin, and make the bitter taste of beer more soft


In beer production, except the wort cooling process needs to be oxygenated, other production processes (including brewing and packaging) need to be isolated from oxygen and reduce the intake of oxygen as far as possible.There are two main uses of CO2 in beer production: first, it is directly added to the wine body; The other is used for gas isolation of oxygen in beer. Specific applications are as follows:

In order to reduce the intake of oxygen and improve the freshness of wort, the mash in the mashing tank, the boiling tank and the whirlpool tank were treated with oxygen isolation and protection.

In the process of sake filtration, CO2 back pressure is applied to fermenters and brite tanks to prevent oxygen from entering.

In order to ensure the quality of the finished wine, CO2 online supplement was carried out for brite tank according to the technical parameters such as high concentration fermentation liquid, dilution ratio and CO2 content of fermentation liquid

The fermentation broth was washed to remove volatile green substances such as diacetyl, sulfide and aldehyde, so as to accelerate beer maturation


In the filling process, CO2 is used to lead beer, top water, secondary vacuum and back pressure of beer tank and container, aiming at gas isolation of oxygen.

Carbon dioxide plays an increasingly important role in beer industry. It is not only the flavor substance of beer, which determines the quality of beer taste, but also the guardian of beer, which plays a vital role in protecting the freshness and shelf life of beer. There is no doubt that the quality of carbon dioxide, the level of the content and the production process control measures are appropriate will directly affect the quality of beer. Therefore, as beer brewers, we should pay enough attention to the process control of carbon dioxide.


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