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Beer cylindrical conical fermenter and fermenting,let us know more information

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At present, the cylindrical conical fermenter is the general fermenter, the main body of the tank is cylindrical, the top of the tank is circular arc, the bottom is conical, the tank is equipped with cooling and insulating, is a fully closed fermenter.



 Characteristics of conical fermentation tank 

  • The bottom is conical, easy to discharge yeast at any time in the production process, requiring the use of cohesive yeast

  • The tank itself has cooling jacket, which is easy to control the fermentation temperature, shorten the fermentation period, and reduce the chance of dyeing bacteria. The quality of beer is stable.

  • The outside of the tank is equipped with insulation, which can be placed outside the tank, reducing the construction investment, saving the floor area and facilitating the expansion.

  • The use of closed tank, convenient for CO2 washing and CO2 recovery, fermentation can also be carried out under a certain pressure.

  • The fermentation liquid in the tank has a CO2 gradient due to the height of the liquid (that is, the formation of density gradient). Through cooling control, natural convection can be made in fermentation broth, and the higher the tank is, the stronger the convection will be. Due to the existence of strong convection, the fermentation capacity of yeast was improved and the fermentation period was shortened.

  • The fermenter can be controlled by instrument or computer, which is easy to operate and manage.

  • Can use CIP automatic cleaning device, easy to clean.

  • Conical tank is convenient to process (can be processed on the spot), strong practicability. Equipment capacity can be adjusted flexibly according to production needs.


How conical fermenter works

The reason of short fermentation period and fast fermentation speed in the shape tank fermentation method is the hydrodynamic characteristics of the fermentation liquid in the cone tank and the result of using modern beer fermentation technology. In the static pressure difference, fermented liquid density difference, the release of carbon dioxide, and the upper tank to cool the temperature under the action of force, such as tank fermented liquid produced strong natural convection, enhances the yeast and fermenting liquid contact, promote the metabolism of yeast, the beer fermentation accelerated dramatically, beer fermentation cycle shortened significantly.



 Cylindro-conical beer fermenters DEGONG manufacturer

The diameter and height ratio of the tank is usually 1:2-1:4, and the total height is best not to exceed 6m, so as not to cause strong convection and affect the sedimentation of yeast and solidification. The working pressure of the general fermenter is controlled at 0.2Mpa - 0.3Mpa. The inner wall of the tank must be smooth and flat, the inner wall of the stainless steel tank should be polished, and the coating on the inner wall of the stainless steel tank should be uniform, without concave and convex surface, and without granular bulge.


 Cone Angle 
Generally between 60°-90°, commonly used 60°-75°, in order to facilitate the sedimentation and separation of yeast. 


 Cooling jacket and cooling area 
Indirect cooling is often used in conical fermenter cooling. Generally, semicircle pipe, curved pipe jacket, or Miller plate jacket at low temperature and low pressure (-3℃, 0.03MPa) with liquid secondary refrigerant cooling.


Because the freezing point temperature of beer is generally -2.0℃ -- 2.7℃, in order to prevent the local freezing of beer in the tank, the refrigerant temperature should be about -3℃. Domestic often use 20% - 30% alcohol aqueous solution or 20% propylene glycol aqueous solution, as a refrigerant.



Insulation material requires small thermal conductivity, low volume, less water absorption, non-flammable and other characteristics. Commonly used insulation materials such as polyurethane and mineral wool. The thickness of the insulation layer is generally 70mm - 100mm.


 Full Tank time 
The time from the first batch of wort into the tank to the last batch of wort into the tank is called the full tank time. Long tank filling time, large yeast proliferation, more α-acetyllactic acid metabolic by-product, high diacetyl peak, generally 12h- 24h, preferably within 20h.


 Fermenter components

If you want to start brewing beer, you can start with home brewing equipment, such as a small set of equipment, 50L, 100L, etc.

Before you start your beer business, examine local demand and market conditions and then start your expansion plan. We have everything from home brewing equipment to bar equipment to industrial beer equipment. Individual brewhouse systems, fermenters, and brite tanks can be used, or they can be complete beer equipment.

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