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About Wort boiling

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Why do the wort boiling

  • Evaporate redundant water to reach the regular wort concentration;

  • Dissolve and release hops flavours, bitterness and aroma compounds through isomerization;

  • Sterilize the wort and remove unwanted bacterial;

  • Completely destroy and stop the enzymatic process, fix the wort components;

  • Precipitate the proteins.

How to boil wort

  • Wort boiling time is about 70-90min;

  • Add hops for 3 time.

(1)The first time is after boiling about 10min. Add 5%-10% of total hops to remove foam during boiling; In the traditional heating boiling, shot foam happens sometimes. It means that a lot of wort with foam from the manhole overflow fast, which is caused by improper operation. this is why to add hops in the first time.

(2)Second time is after the beginning of boiling about 30-45min. Add 55%-60% of total hops to extract α-acid and improce the isomerization.

(3)The third time is before the ending of boiling about 10min. Add 30%-40% of total hops to extract the essential oil of hop and increase the aroma.


In the hops, there’re some main components

  • Polyphenols (react with the protein in the wort, and make the protein flocculation)

  • Hop resin(increase the bitterness of beer)

  • Essential oil of hop(increase the aroma of beer)

The regular boiling way

  • Steaming heating kettle tun

  • Steaming heating jacketed kettle tun

  • Internal heating kettle tun(heater is vertically mounted in the tun)

  • External heating kettle tun(Heater is installed on the outside of the boiling pot, and a wort pump is set between the heater and boiling pot. But it will use high electricity and the cost is much higher)

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