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Why some beer foam has poor performance and how to improve it?

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It all comes down to foam and capillary forces. Capillary action is the force that describes how droplets can form and how the surface of a liquid adheres to the side of a container.

When it comes to your beer, the foam clings to the sides of the cup and it doesn't allow the beer to travel as far up the glass as a normal foam-free drink would. It's the surface tension of the many tiny bubbles at the top of your beer that cling to the glass and provide a shield to movements.


The foam properties of beer includes four aspects: foaming ability, foam appearance, foam persistence and foam hanging cup. Among them, the foaming ability refers to the ability to form foam and the height of the foam, the appearance of the foam refers to the color and the degree of fineness of the foam, the foam lasting refers to the time after the foam is formed until the foam disappears, and the foam hanging cup refers to the foam staying on the wall ability, poor performance of beer foam may have the following reasons:



1. The CO2 content is insufficient, generally less than 0.2%, or because the lids is not tight and leaks, the foaming ability is too poor.

2. The poor composition of beer is not conducive to the formation and persistence of foam.

3. In the process of beer production, the equipment is not cleaned , and the crystal nucleus that releases CO2 is formed, which makes the release of CO2 too fast and can not form fine foam.

4. The glass or filling container itself is not clean, and there is a fat layer or other defoaming substances on the wall of the cup.




To improve the foam performance of beer, the following aspects can be considered:

a. The saccharification and decomposition should not be excessive, the grains lees should be washed moderately, and the fermentation temperature should not be too high;

b. Avoid bringing more lipidic defoaming substances from beer raw materials, equipment and pipelines;

c. The CO2 content should be appropriate, neither too low (for example, lower than 0.2%) nor too high (for example, higher than 0.5%)

d. Some foam stabilizers can be added appropriately

The performance of beer foam is also one of the standards to measure the quality of a glass of beer. We expect you to use the beer equipment provided by DEGONG to produce the desired beer. Below is a display diagram of the equipment we produce.


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