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Six steps to brewing a great new beer?

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In most cases, we don't need to make specific plans and decisions for each problem. We just need to follow the old operation technology and processes. If we want to make a new classic style beer, it is best to plan and calculate every step.

Here are six steps to making a great new beer to help ensure the brewing process is well managed.

brewing system-min

1.Develop the target product and describe the product style characteristics

This can include the style of brewing, the ingredients needed, etc. To accurately describe the style of the beer, do enough work, such as:
How many litres of beer should be brewed?
Do you use Alyeasts, Lageryeast or some other special yeast?
What is the specific value or range of the original wort concentration for the planned brewing?
What is the estimated bitterness value (IBU) to be achieved?
What is the planned chroma?
Which malt indicators are suitable or can meet the requirements of the plan?
What kind of hop fragrance and aroma characteristics are needed?
What special ingredients should be included (fruits, spices, syrups, etc.) and how should they be added?


2.Preparation of mashing process, including list, index and quantity of malt and concentrate

What base malt or concentrate do you plan to use?

What kind of special malt is planned and what proportion and quantity are they added to?
What type of saccharification process is required?
What is the final target concentration of the brewing process?


3.Determine water quality requirements

What is the index requirement of raw water?
What ionic concentration of water is required for the planned beer?
What treatments are required to achieve these ion concentrations?
If water needs to be treated, what are the effects of these additives on brewhouse/mashing process?
Is there anything else that needs to be added to the saccharification process?
What is the total amount of water required? How much is the water for mashing and the water for cleaning grains?


raw material

4.Determine the list of hops, including indicators and quantities

What characteristic hop fragrance is needed (source and type of hops)?
What characteristic hop flavor (source and type of hops) is required?
What is the hops' bitter value that needs to be achieved?
In order to determine the addition amount of aroma hops, the possible influence of aroma hops on IBU value should be calculated first. The amount of bitter hops needed can be calculated by subtracting the IBU value of flavor hops from the total IBU value.


5.Determine Fermentation Process

What kind of yeast will be used?
What is the amount of yeast added?
What is the appropriate fermentation temperature? How is fermentation temperature controlled and monitored?
What configuration of fermentation container will be used? Pneumatic valve or breathing valve?
Is a separate diacetyl reduction time required?
Do you need back storage?
Finally, the fermentation process was determined


6.Consider filtering and replenishing carbon dioxide

Does the beer need to be ready by a specific date?
Which clarifying method will you use (adding Irish moss to clarify wort during boiling, post-fermentation filtration, cryoprecipitation, or use other clarifying agent)?
How is carbon dioxide replenishment planned?
What is the initial concentration or what is the CO2 pressure required to get to the required CO2 level?



Brewing system for fermenting beer

Beer is an integral part of modern life, through countless generations beer-making workman's precipitation, brewing has become an art and science in the integration of technology, so a new beer brewing, beermakers must can stand the test, summary, continuous experiments repeatedly, focused attitude and innovative consciousness into the pleasant brewing process, in order to obtain an ideal beer and the heart, with love.

If you are interested in the beer business and want to build a brewery,please don't hesitate to contact me.Thank you Alice and my email:dgequipment@degonget.com

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