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New high-alcohol beer and cleaning methods for beer equipment

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What's the strongest beer you've ever drunk? 5 degrees? 7 degrees? Or 10 degrees? At the first Hainan International Beer Festival, one beer was 75 degrees alcohol. Would you like to try it?


international beer festival-min

International beer festival

Stronger than liquor, the Strongest beer is a scotch bitheronfire, a still described as "the Strongest beer in the world," and a strong warning printed on the packaging: "Strongest beer.""The beer is made from two types of yeast, smoked putty and coal malt. It is very strong and it is recommended that no more than 35ml per person is consumed." Ding He, a supplier of imported beer at The Hainan International Beer Festival, said a bottle of Scotch is 330ml and should not be consumed in one sitting.



Strongest beer

It is known that distilled liquor is an alcoholic beverage whose alcohol concentration is higher than that of the original fermentation product. The production process first goes through brewing, then distillation and cooling, and finally a high number of alcoholic solution drinks are obtained. High-alcohol beer is made from the difference between the freezing point of the alcohol and the water. When the water reaches the freezing point, it separates from the alcohol, leaving behind a higher-alcohol beer. This brewing method is called "frozen distillation".A 5-degree beer can be continuously chilled to over 50 degrees, but the process is time consuming and yields are very limited.


beer machine

2000L Beer brewing system can be customized based on your requirements

Want to make a more delicious and unique beer? Then you need to buy an excellent beer equipment to maintain and clean. Of course, the raw materials and brewing process also need to be improved constantly. Then you can sell a very popular beer in the market. Here is a brief introduction to beer tanks cleaning.


The cleaning of beer equipment is indispensable. Only when the beer brewing equipment is thoroughly cleaned can the beer of high quality be produced. Here's how to clean your brewing equipment:


1.Cleaning of heat exchanger: The cleaning principle of heat exchanger and pipeline is the same.

If the design flow rate of 20%-30% of the cleaning solution for cleaning, you can get a good cleaning effect.


2.Cleaning of beer equipment parts and machines: There is no fixed mode for cleaning beer equipment parts. Cleaning can be carried out according to the general steps of equipment cleaning.


3.The key point of line washing is to give full play to the mechanical function in order to improve the washing effect. When cleaning with cold cleaning fluid, in order to achieve good washing effect.The flow velocity of washing liquid in the pipe varies with different pipe diameters.When cleaning with the thermal cleaning liquor, the flow rate of the washing solution in the tube is maintained at 1-1.5m/s. Attention must be paid to the cleaning of carbon dioxide and compressed air lines and their accessories.


4.The tank can be cleaned by automatic tank washer, which has two types: spray ball washer and mechanical washer. When the beer equipment is dirty and the tank diameter is large, the mechanical can washer is generally used to increase the washing radius and cleaning strength by increasing the outlet pressure of the washer. Compared with the spray ball washer, the mechanical washer can use lower cleaning fluid flow.

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