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How to appreciate beer?as beer brewing equipment manufacturer let's talk about it

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As one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, beer is the third beverage after water and tea. Is an indispensable part of people's life. Beer is mainly made of malt, water and hops by fermentation. Beer can promote blood circulation and digestion. Low degree taste comfortable for the majority of consumers love, moderate drinking to promote health. Here are some famous beers for your appreciation.


Known as the "king of beer", Budweiser beer in the United States was born in 1876 with a history of 140 years. As the king of the world's best-selling beer, it has won the favor of young people for its good taste and excellent quality. The beer contains no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives. Budweiser is best served at 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.


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As one of the most popular beers in the world, Beck's beer is the best-selling beer in Germany. The beer has a brewing history of more than 400 years. As the best quality beer in the beer kingdom of Germany, it has many loyal followers. She is the German man's "second love," and the thirst, richness and sophistication of the brew keep her there for ever.


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Carlsberg is the world's fourth-largest beer, behind Heineken of the Netherlands. As a famous beer in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a history of more than 160 years. The beer is famous for its wooden casks, its emphasis on the selection of raw materials and its strict production process. The taste of Carlsberg is a typical European beer. The quality of clarified glycol is the favorite of young people.



From Latin America and Brazil, it is the world's fifth largest beer seller. The youngest competitor in the beer industry, the beer is conquering a new generation of young consumers with its unique Latin style, attracting a wide variety of young men and women alike with its passionate Latin samba.


All good beers have a strong malt and hops flavor, which is Lager's signature. In addition to the above two points, a good Ale has a fruity aroma due to the use of top-growing yeast. A good Porter or Stout has a rich chocolate and espresso flavour thanks to its use of toasted malt; Good Wheat Beer is cool and pleasant with a slight acidity. But regardless of the style of Beer, if the label says it's an Lager, Ale, Stout, Porter or Wheat Beer, etc., it should be worthy of the name. If it's a good beer, it should not only taste right, but also be harmonious and perfect.


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Drinking conditions: Choose a room with natural light to evaluate the color of the beer. Usually you don't need, you know, background music, music to distract you. There should also be no tobacco, food, perfume or other odors in the room. For ease of judgment, use the same type of glass for all brands, such as larger beer glasses, which are curvier and retain the aroma.


Beer temperature: The drinking temperature provided in this column is only a guideline. You can find the best drinking temperature according to your own wishes. In general, to judge a beer while enjoying it, the best temperature is below room temperature in order for the aroma and taste to be fully expressed.


Order of drinking beer: When tasting a beer, start with a light beer and then move from a light to a rich one according to the flavor and aroma, especially when judging several different styles and types of beers.

There is a wide variety of beers, so you can brew existing beers or design one of your own. When you decide to open a brewery, please let me know what you want. Let's help you advance the brewery equipment. We can provide separate tanks, such as mash tank, filter tank, boiling tank, fermentation tank, brite tank, glycol tank and so on. Of course, we can offer a complete turnkey service.

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