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Good craft beer, how is it made?

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The brewing process of craft beer:

The first step is not to brew, but to select the necessary materials. Don't rush things, you can only do things well if you are fully prepared. Similarly, only good materials and equipment can brew good beer. Compared with advanced equipment, materials are more important, but both are indispensable.

(1) Preliminary preparation of craft beer malt

Selected malt, craft beer brewed with different malts is different, and the color and aroma of the brewed beer are also different. Therefore, the selection of high-quality malt is the top priority. The brewing process of beer is much more complicated than imagined. After careful selection of materials and careful screening and investigation, the final decision is made.

(2) Raw material crushing

The prepared malt is pulverized by the auxiliary pulverizer of the beer equipment. The purpose of pulverizing the raw material is to increase the surface area of the raw material, so that its solubility is better, which is conducive to the chemical action of the enzyme, but the pulverization should not be too broken, so as to avoid difficulty in filtration. Good is broken but not broken.


DEGONG beer homebrew equipment

(3) Maltosylation

Then put the crushed malt into the saccharification tank for saccharification. It is to break down the malt into different hydrolases.

(4) Wort filtration

After the saccharification is completed and the malt is decomposed, the soluble and insoluble substances are separated to obtain a clear wort.

(5) Boil the wort

The filtered wort is put into a boiling pot and boiled. The wort is heated to 100°C and boiled for a while, adding selected hops during the boiling process. The main function of hops: the bitterness contained in it can balance the natural sweetness of the wort, and its own aroma can synthesize the aroma of the wort, which together make the aftertaste of the beer more elegant and mellow, form foam, and clarify the wort.

(6) Wort cooling

Use a beer refrigerator to rapidly cool the wort, reduce the temperature of the wort, make it suitable for yeast fermentation, separate and separate the cold and hot solids in the wort, improve the quality of the beer, and improve the conditions of beer fermentation.


DEGONG 7BBL fermentation tank

(7) Fermentation of wort

The wort is poured into the fermenter for further fermentation, and the temperature is controlled so that the yeast is in an ideal state, and the fermentable sugars are converted into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

At this point, craft beer can be considered to be formed, and after a period of fermentation, it can be enjoyed.

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