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Do you know the black rice beer processing method?

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1.The raw material formula is light malt 60%, dark scorched malt 15%, black malt 5%, black rice 20%, hop 0.08%-0.10%.


2.Brewing process: black rice treatment → black rice gelatinization → black rice mashing → wort boiling → fermentation → filtration → filling → sterilization → finished product


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3.Operating key points:

(1)Treatment of black rice. Black rice skin is rich in water-soluble vitamins and pigments, so when rinsing, use cold water to quickly wash away impurities, so as to avoid the loss of nutrients.



(2)The gelatinization of black rice. Because black rice is hard, special treatment is needed when gelatinizing. The process is kept at 45℃ for 60 minutes, then heated to 65 ~ 70℃, and kept for 60 minutes, and then heated to 100℃, kept for 30 minutes. At the same time, high temperature resistant A - amylase should be added in production.


(3)The saccharification of black rice. Due to the high protein content in black rice, about 10% or more, in order to fully degrade the protein and avoid affecting its abiotic stability, the resting time of protein should be appropriately prolonged.
Control standards. Feeding temperature is 36 ~ 40℃, feeding time is 20 ~ 30 minutes; The resting temperature of protein was 44-52 ℃, and the time was 40-100 min. The saccharification temperature was 63-68 ℃, and the time was 60-90 min. The killing temperature is 78℃.



(4)Boiling of wort: because of the high protein content in black rice, the protein may not be fully degraded even if the resting time of protein is extended; At the same time, black rice husk contains a large number of polyphenols, so the boiling time should be extended in order to fully precipitate the protein. Boiling time 80 ~ 120 minutes; Boil strength 10% ~ 12%. Add 20 ~ 30 mg/kg wort clarifier 15 minutes before the end of boiling. In order to highlight the rice flavor of black rice, the amount of hops added can be slightly less, but in order to highlight the style of black rice beer and maintain the consistency of beer flavor, it is necessary to ensure that 5-6 grams of α-acid per 100 liters of wort


(5)Fermentation process. Due to the high protein content in black rice, it will promote the growth and reproduction of yeast and its metabolic ability. In order to prevent excessive reproduction of yeast, the fermentation temperature should be appropriately lowered, as follows: the cooling temperature of wort is 8±0.5℃, and the oxygen content of wort is 8-10 mg/kg; Tank filling time ≤12 hours. The yeast was made from 2 ~ 4 generations of German Karlstimes yeast. The inoculation amount was 0.8%, the inoculation temperature was 8±0.5℃, and the incubation temperature was 9±0.5℃. The main fermentation temperature was 9.0℃, and the reduction temperature of diacetyl was 11℃.

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4.Quality standard ① perceptual index. The appearance is brownish red, no obvious suspended matter and sediment; Exquisite foam, lasting cup hanging; It has obvious black rice aroma, pure and refreshing taste, full-bodied wine, no peculiar smell. ② Physical and chemical indicators. The original wort concentration was 12°±0.2°. Alcohol content BBB 0 2.0% (volume fraction); Acidity <2.6 ml /100 ml; Diacetyl content < 0.15mg/l; Colour (EBC) 45 ~ 50.

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