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Come and learn about the development of modern beer in our country with me

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The earliest brewery established by China First Brewery in my country was the Urlublevsky Brewery ("Harbin History Chronicle") opened by the Russians in Harbin in 1900. The breweries in the late Qing Dynasty were basically controlled by foreigners. It was not until 1915 that the Shuanghesheng Brewery and Guangdong Wuyang Brewery invested by the Chinese were established in Beijing first and later. 

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Before 1949, there were only seven or eight breweries in our country, most of which were controlled by foreigners. Hops and malt were mainly imported from abroad. Beer was mainly sold to foreign merchants and military in China,upper class people as well. Ordinary people can hardly enjoy it. In 1940, the national beer production reached 40,000 tons, most of which were for military use by the Japanese invaders. By 1949, the country’s annual output of beer had only reached more than 7,000 tons, which was not enough for the current annual output of a small brewery.


The first stage: From 1953 to 1962, it was the adjustment and development stage of the beer industry. A number of new breweries were built. The average annual growth rate of beer production was 38.2%. From 1963 to 1972, the speed was somewhat different. Slow down, but beer output still increased by 1.4 times. By 1978, my country's annual beer output reached 400,000 tons. At this stage, the work in beer scientific research, education, talent training, etc. laid the foundation for the future development of the beer industry.


The second stage: After 1979, beer production developed in an all-round way. Except Tibet, all provinces, cities, and autonomous regions have established breweries. In addition to the light industry system, other ministries such as commerce, agriculture, machinery, national defense, and metallurgy have established breweries. The scale of some breweries is also It is getting bigger and bigger. For example, in 1980, our country produced 688,000 tons of beer.


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The third stage: In this stage, my country's beer industry is developing rapidly. Its main feature is that expansion and new breweries have sprung up, and the scale of beer production has gradually expanded. In some provinces, there are breweries in almost every county and city.  According to statistics in 1987, there were 104 breweries in Zhejiang Province. Due to the implementation of the reform and opening policy, the introduction of technology, equipment, and talents from abroad has accelerated the development of the beer industry, such as the introduction of beer production lines from abroad, especially beer bottling lines. The time for doubling production has shortened. For example, in 1982, the national beer production was 1.17 million tons, and by 1985, the beer production reached 3.104 million tons. In 1988, beer production doubled again to 6.54 million tons.


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The fourth stage: This stage can be said that China's beer industry has entered a period of vigorous maturity. On the one hand, the beer industry continues to develop at a high speed. While developing at a high speed, it has begun to improve the quality of beer and the economic benefits of the beer industry. Pay attention to the fact that the scale of the beer industry has begun to grow in a large-scale and group-oriented direction in accordance with international practices. Some small and medium breweries have been merged by large breweries.

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