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Articles about microbrewery equipment brewery equipment.
  • The mashing process of beer was controlled by PLC
    The mashing process of beer was controlled by PLC

    Beer production technology is mainly composed of wort preparation, beer fermentation, beer filling and other technological processes, and the wort preparation process, that is, brewhouse/mashing. The control of beer mashing process is the most important part in the whole beer production process. The control of the process index plays a decisive role in the stability, taste and other technical indexes of beer. In the beer production control,PLC occupies a very important position, it can form a control system with perfect control function together with the computer, so as to solve the temperature control problem in the mashing process.

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  • How to control the pH value of beer?
    How to control the pH value of beer?

    How to control the pH of beer? The brewing method of the beer in the restaurant is strictly following the German tradition and ancient brewing law, so that the fresh beer has a unique taste smooth and comfortable, and retains the original characteristic flavor of the beer.

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  • The dimethyl sulfur (DMS)in beer is discussed
    The dimethyl sulfur (DMS)in beer is discussed

    DMS is a thioether compound with a lower boiling point. The solubility in water is less than 300 mM. Thioether compounds are usually oily and have a specific, but unpleasant odor.But the presence of DMS in moderate amounts confers important and beneficial aromas and flavors to many foods. Such as tea, milk, wine and a variety of beverages.

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