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As a beginner in beer brewing, how much do you know about fermentation tanks?

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Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank is a universal fermentation tank in the world. The main body of the tank is cylindrical, the top of the tank is arc-shaped, and the bottom is cone-shaped. It has a considerable height (height is greater than the diameter). It is a fully enclosed fermentation tank. The cylindrical cone fermenter is suitable for both the bottom fermentation and the top fermentation, and the processing is very convenient. 


The vertical cylindrical cone fermenter invented by German brewers has been gradually promoted and used all over the world after continuous improvement and development due to its many advantages. Since the mid-1970s, my country began to adopt the outdoor cylindrical cone-bottom fermentation tank fermentation method (referred to as the cone fermentation method), and almost all domestic beer production uses this fermentation method.


Features of cone fermentation method:

(1) The bottom is cone-shaped to facilitate the discharge of yeast at any time during the production process, and cohesive yeast is required.

(2) The tank itself has a cooling device to facilitate the control of fermentation temperature. The production is easy to control, the fermentation cycle is shortened, the chance of infection is less, and the beer quality is stable.

(3) There is a thermal insulation device outside the tank, which can be placed outdoors, reducing construction investment, saving floor space and facilitating expansion.

(4) Airtight tanks are used to facilitate CO2 washing and CO2 recovery, and fermentation can also be carried out under a certain pressure. It can be used as a fermentation tank or a wine storage tank, or it can combine fermentation and storage into one, which is called the unitank fermentation method.

(5) The fermentation liquid in the tank produces a CO2 gradient (that is, a density gradient) due to the height of the liquid. Through cooling control, natural convection of the fermentation broth can be made. The higher the tank, the stronger the convection. Due to the existence of strong convection, the fermentation capacity of yeast is improved, the fermentation speed is accelerated, and the fermentation cycle is shortened.

(6) The fermentation tank can be controlled by an instrument or a computer, which is convenient for operation and management.

(7) The conical tank is suitable for both bottom fermentation and upper fermentation.

(8) CIP automatic cleaning device can be used, which is convenient for cleaning.

(9) Conical tanks are easy to process (can be processed on-site) and have strong practicability.

(10) The capacity of the equipment can be flexibly adjusted according to production needs. The capacity can range from 20 to 600m, up to 1500m.


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