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After brewing each batch of beer, the basic cleaning operation process of the CIP system

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The equipment is cleaned after each brewing, including the tanks, pipes and fittings of the brewery.Cleaning is required once each batch is completed, a major monthly cleaning is required, and regular inspection and maintenance of the beer equipment is required. The use of high quality equipment should ensure that the equipment is clean and usable, providing a perfect production environment for each batch of beer brewing.


cleaning cip sustem

Cleaning CIP System

Basic cleaning process of CIP system

1.The first flush of water 

The first water washing is also called "pre-washing", which is mainly to wash away the material residue and viscous liquid in the cleaned equipment, containers and pipes as far as possible, so that it can enter the washing (liquid) tank as little as possible.The water used for pre-washing is usually drained away; In order to save water, the pre-wash water is often the recycled part of the post-wash water.

And the pre-washing tank is generally relatively large, the pre-washing process needs about 10-15min, the bigger the equipment is cleaned, the longer the washing time. The simpler the cleaning equipment used, such as the cleaning ball form, the longer the rinse time.


2.Acid or alkali washing 

Alkali washing or acid washing is to clean the equipment thoroughly with alkaline detergent or acid detergent on the basis of washing before. Removal of residual organic matter, including sticky granule residues such as starch granule, hops resin, protein, sintered paste and caramel on the heating surface, as well as precipitated attached solids, etc.


This washing process takes a long time, about 20-40min. This is the main cleaning procedure of CIP cleaning, and the real washing effect is mainly reflected in this process.


3.Second Rinse 


The second wash is also called "post-washing", is in the alkali washing or acid washing, the residual in the container, the pipeline of alkali or acid rinse, until the water out of the neutral.



4.Disinfectant rinse 

Disinfectant washing is to ensure that in the case of cold pickling, further meet the aseptic conditions of equipment and pipelines, often after the end of post-washing and then use the appropriate concentration of disinfectant solution for recycling washing.

It is best to choose a disinfectant after washing, the residual liquid will not have any effect on the product, also do not cause corrosion to the equipment, such as peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, etc., so that there is no need to repeat washing with sterile water. In order to ensure the product quality and food safety of modern beer brewing, it is strongly opposed to the use of formaldehyde fungicides to sterilize large tanks, brite tanks and beer pipes, because formaldehyde residue will cause the drinking safety problem of beer.


5.Sterile water flushing 

Precautions for sterile water flushing

First, the preparation of sterile water requirements are relatively high, including storage containers and pipes, including equipment must meet the conditions of asepsis.

The second is that the aseptic state of sterile water can not meet the requirements, then the washing effect is counterproductive.

The third is to make the CIP flushing process time extended, flushing water increased.


beer machine

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