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What is the difference between "light beer" and "full-bodied beer"?

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"Light beer" and "full-bodied beer"

 One: Light beer 


Light Beer is a kind of Beer corresponding to full-bodied Beer, called "Light Beer", which is an improved Beer type developed in the 1960s and 1970s to meet the consumption needs of the young generation and the mass consumption. Because it is a new type corresponding to the production of full-bodied beer, there are corresponding differences between the characteristics of light and full-bodied beer, including the following points:



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(1)The beer has a fresher, less intense flavor; The palate is clean, crisp and fresh, but not too light and thin. It is a little more refreshing than a full-bodied beer, with a prominent smooth, soft taste. 


(2) The bitter taste value is slightly lower. The bitter taste is characterized by a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, but not too bitter. The bitter taste is fresh and comfortable and disappears more quickly, which is 40% to 50% lower than that of full-bodied beer.


(3)It is not to reduce the original wort concentration of beer to meet the requirements of mild and cool taste, but to meet the requirements through the selection of raw materials and the improvement of brewing process


(4) there is a high content of CO₂, good taste, drinking in the summer, like to drink beverage, with frank stimulation and the feeling of cool and refreshing summer.


"Light beer" is not the same as "low degree beer". Although there are some similarities between low degree beer and light beer in taste, relatively speaking, low degree beer is lighter than light beer, and the soft taste and taste are also slightly worse.


 Two,Full-bodied beer 

Full-bodied beer is a kind of beer with a long history in beer production. "Lager Beer" is a classic example of a full-bodied Beer. The full-bodied beer has many basic characteristics, which are the embodiment of the basic brewing technology and represent the development history of the brewing technology, including the following points:


craft beer

Beer equipment for brewing craft beer

(1) Taste pure, mellow, soft, harmonious, clean after taste, not too greasy thick; The aroma is intense and persistent. A full-bodied beer, however, is slightly less refreshing.


(2)The bitter taste value is slightly higher. The bitter taste is characterized by a slightly heavier bitter taste in the mouth, but the bitter taste is required to disappear quickly, refreshing, agile and comfortable, and no bitter taste is allowed. The measurement unit of bitterness quality of full-bodied beer is mostly controlled above 25EBU, and high beer can reach 30EBU. However, modern beer brewing tends to reduce the amount of hops added, so the bitter quality unit of drunk thick beer is reduced, mostly controlled at 20-25 ebu, rarely more than 30EBU.


(3) The original wort concentration of full-bodied beer is usually relatively high, mostly at 12°P or above, and there are few varieties of full-bodied beer below 10° P. The alcohol content is also relatively high, with most alcohol content exceeding 4.5% (volume fraction) and up to 6% to 7% (volume fraction).


(4) there is a high content of CO ₂ and have very good taste. The foam of drunk thick beer is mostly good. The foam is white, delicate, durable and has good foam holding. Drunk thick beer generally has a higher viscosity. So, in the beer history Museum, there is a phenomenon that beer spilled on chairs can stick to people's pants.

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