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What Is Bottom Fermentation in Beer Brewing?

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What does bottom fermentation mean?

Bottom fermentation refers to a fermentation method using bottom-fermenting yeast. Yeast is the kind that collects at the bottom of the fermentation vessel.

This settling property allows the beer to be brewed even in summer. It enables people to enjoy beer in all seasons.

How Does Bottom Fermentation Work?

This fermentation process involves the following particulars:

  • Cold Temperatures. To be precise, it ranges from 41 to 50°F (5 to 10°C).

  • Long Primary Fermentation. Durations vary depending on your wort’s properties, but it should hover between seven (7) to fourteen (14) days.

  • Lagering. After active fermentation, the beer will need to undergo cold storage because its flavors are not fully matured at this point. The temperatures here would be around 32 to 39°F, or zero to four degrees Centigrade — just shy of freezing.


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What Beer Is Bottom Fermented at Cold Temperatures?

Lager is enjoyed the world over for its clear, mellow, and crisp features brought about by long and cold fermentation. Its key processes are cold fermentation and cold conditioning, aka lagering.

Are All Lagers Bottom Fermented?

All Lager yeasts are from the lineage of Saccharomyces Pastorianus. This fact has been agreed upon by taxonomists — the folks who classify organisms for a living.

Therefore, you cannot claim to have a lager from using another yeast. Chances are your wort would not ferment even if you did force a chilly, bottom-fermentation process. However, who is to say or limit what evolution and bioengineering can — and will — bring.

Is Ale a Bottom Fermented Beer?

Since Ales use top-fermenting yeast, you cannot use it to bottom-ferment simply because it is inclined to float and flocculate.

Nevertheless, some ale strains can undergo lagering after being warm-fermented. Yeast in a beer like an altbier or kölsch evolved to work with lagering even before the golden age of Lagers.

Is Stout Bottom Fermented?

A Stout is a type of ale fermented using top-fermenting yeast. Therefore, it cannot meet the criteria for bottom fermentation.

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