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The difference between distilled spirits and brewed wines

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What is a distilled spirit?

Distilled liquor is a fermented alcoholic solution. The boiling point of alcohol (78.5℃) is different from that of water (100℃). The high concentration of alcohol and aromatic components can be collected by heating the original fermentation liquid to the boiling point between the two.

What is brewing wine?

Fermented wine is a kind of alcoholic beverage produced by fermentation of raw materials and cellaring in a certain container for a certain time.The alcohol content of this kind of liquor is usually not high, usually not more than 10%.

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What is the difference between brewing and distilling?

Fermented wine refers to the use of grain, fruit juice and other raw materials, after fermentation of low-alcohol wine.Alcohol fermentation is a process in which glucose or fructose is decomposed by yeast or other microorganisms under anaerobic conditions to produce metabolites such as alcohol and carbon dioxide and release a small amount of energy.

In both wines and spirits, fermentation is done by placing the ingredients in a closed environment and adding yeast to turn the sugar into ethanol.

The manufacturing process of distilled wine generally includes the grinding of raw materials, fermentation, distillation and aging four processes, this kind of wine because of distillation purification, so the alcohol content is higher.


A representative of brewing wine

Beer is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of malt, hops, water and yeast. Beer is divided into bottom fermented beer and top fermented beer according to fermentation technology.

Bottom fermented beer includes stout, dry beer, light beer and so on a dozen kinds, top fermented beer includes bitter beer, rye beer, Scottish light beer and so on a dozen kinds.


Wine is made mainly from fresh grapes. According to the different manufacturing process, it can be divided into general wine, sparkling wine, alcohol fortified wine and mixed wine, etc. Normal wine is the red wine, white wine and peach wine that we usually drink.

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A representative of distilled spirits


It is a distilled spirit made from fruit. Brandy refers especially to a distilled wine made from grapes. Other brandy includes apple brandy, cherry brandy and so on.


It is a distilled liquor made from pretreated grain. These grains are dominated by barley, corn, rye, wheat, or other grains. Special techniques used in fermentation and aging have long given whisky its distinctive flavour. Whisky is usually aged in toasted oak barrels. Different countries and regions have different production techniques, whisky to Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the United States, Japan and other regions of the product is best known.


Vodka can be made from any fermentable ingredients such as potatoes, barley, rye, wheat, corn, beets, grapes and even sugar cane. Its biggest characteristic is to do not have apparent character, aroma and flavour.


A distilled liquor made from the plant agave.


Rum is mainly made from sugarcane and distilled by fermentation. Generally divided into light rum, dark rum and aromatic rum.

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