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The basic classification of beer based on brewing progress

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Nowadays, more and more craft brewing beer pour into market;. Including various restaurants, they also began to provide mid-to-high-end craft beer. So, what are the classifications of beer? What are the characteristics of each style? Next, 3 minutes will allow you to sort the beer.

The basic classification of beer

The most basic classification of beer is based on the brewing process. There are two types of beer brewing processes: Top Fermenting and Bottom Fermenting. Therefore, beer can basically be divided into three types: top fermented beer (ie Ale), bottom fermented beer (ie Lager) and hybrid beer (hybrid beer, which combines two brewing processes). The first two Species account for the majority of beer.

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What are top fermentation and bottom fermentation?

History: Ale beer brewed with top fermentation originated in the British Isles in ancient times, and has a history of thousands of years; Lager beer brewed with bottom fermentation began after Columbus discovered the New World of America, and has only a few hundred years of history.

Fermentation temperature and time: The top fermentation requires a higher fermentation temperature, about 10-20°C, and the fermentation time is shorter; the bottom fermentation requires a lower fermentation temperature, below 10°C, and the fermentation time is longer.

Yeast type: Top-fermenting Yeasts are used for the top fermentation to allow the yeast to float on top of the wort; Bottom-fermenting yeasts are used for the bottom-fermenting to allow the yeast to sink to the bottom of the wort.

Style and characteristics: top-fermented beer is generally full-bodied, with obvious fruit or spice flavors, strong and complex taste, and a very pleasant hop aroma aftertaste. Many craft beer (Craft Beer) are brewed with top fermentation; bottom fermentation Beer has a lighter body, a refreshing taste, and emphasizes the aroma of malt. The industrial beer we often drink is brewed by fermentation.

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What is hybrid beer?

Hybrid beer is the beer made by combining the two brewing processes of top fermentation and bottom fermentation, such as using top fermentation yeast to ferment at a low temperature, or use bottom fermentation yeast to ferment at a higher temperature. The style of this beer is difficult to define, but it is generally based on the classic beer style to add some other additional flavors; or beer brewed with other unconventional ingredients , Such as vegetables, fruits, etc.


What styles are included in hybrid beer?

Fruit beer

This is easier to understand, that is, adding juice to beer or directly mixing fruit with malt for fermentation. Such beer has the foam of beer and the sweetness of fruit, which is more popular with girls.

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Vegetables/Spices/Herb Beer

The raw materials for this type of beer are varied, and vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. can be added for brewing. Such as cocoa beer, coriander beer, chili beer, pumpkin beer, bitter gourd beer, cucumber beer and so on.

Smoke beer

Smoke Beer refers to the beer brewed with smoked malt, which has a heavy peat flavor and is the choice of strong taste lovers.



In addition to these two basic classifications, Lambic is a more specific beer, originating in Belgium. In fact, in a strict sense, it is neither Ale nor Lager, but natural fermentation------placed in a ventilated room waiting for the tiny natural wild yeast in the air to ferment (this has very high environmental requirements). In addition, Lambic beer is generally aged in wooden barrels and mix it with other different vintages, which has a rich and deep taste. The taste of Lambic beer is as acidic as vinegar.


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