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The addition of hops and the maturity of beer after fermentation, what factors should we consider for beer business?

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 Hops adding 

Firstly, Considerations when adding hops,mainly from the following four aspects.

(1)Prevent the wort foam overflow when the first boiling, wort and protein, polysaccharide, etc., is a viscous solution, boiling will produce a lot of foam, if not controlled, will overflow the pot. Before the wort boil, add some hops, can play a defoaming effect, prevent foam overflow.

(2)The α-acid should have sufficient dissimilation structure. After the boiling temperature is determined, the dissimilation structure of the α--acid depends mainly on the boiling time. Hops added should have sufficient time to dissimilate the structure.

(3)Polyphenols have to be exposed to proteins for long enough. Only when polyphenols have enough contact with proteins can they coagulate, and only when polyphenols have enough contact with proteins can they fully coagulate and separate polymeric proteins.

(4)Retain as much hop-scented material as possible. Hops oil is very volatile, especially for beer with outstanding bouquet. The added hops should be steamed as little as possible to reduce the evaporation loss of hops oil.

Secondly,adding hops time

In combination with various factors, hops are generally added in three times, at least in two times. Take the boiling time of 90min as an example. Add at the beginning of the boiling for the first time with an amount of about 19% of the total hops; add at 45min after the boiling for the second time with an amount of about 43% of the total hops; add at 10min before the end of the boiling for the third time with an amount of about 38% of the total hops.

Thirdly,There are two ways to add hops

One is to add directly from the entry hole.The other is to add the hops to the hop addition tank when boiling, and then use the wort in the boiling pot to flush them into the boiling tank.

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 Mature quickly 

In order to make the fermentation liquid mature quickly, it is generally considered to be measured from the following aspects:

1. Removal of raw liquor taste.

2. Further mature the beer.

3. Clarification and saturation of fermentation liquor.

For the traditional fermentation method, vigorous post-fermentation process will be beneficial to meet the above conditions, because vigorous post-fermentation can produce a lot of CO2, and when CO2 is discharged from the tank (open fermentation), a lot of volatile raw alcoholic substances can be removed.

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The fermentation should be gradually slowed down and stopped after the post-fermentation tank is sealed to promote the dissolution of CO2 and the clarification of the fermentation liquid, which can accelerate the maturation of the fermentation liquid. However, too vigorous post-fermentation will not only consume a lot of fermentable sugar, which will affect the fermentation after sealing, but also increase the pressure of the sealed tank too fast due to the large amount of CO2 production, and have to discharge CO2, which is not conducive to the later CO2 dissolution.

Therefore, accelerating the reduction of diacetyl in the early post-leaven stage is an important measure to accelerate the maturation, and increasing the liquor temperature (6~7 degrees) and increasing the number of suspended yeast cells in the fermentation broth is one of the key methods to accelerate the reduction of diacetyl.


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