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Share the successful experience of craft beer house

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Opening a craft beer pub or brewery is like opening a store for any other project.It requires a lot of resources and the right conditions associated with it.We need to plan and budget well.Starting a business is both an opportunity and a risk.Only by making early risk predictions and early solutions can you lay a good foundation for your enterprise craft beer. Today, the maker of DEGONG beer equipment will take you through how to successfully open a craft beer restaurant, hoping to help your friends in business.


Make good capital preparation

Capital is the foundation of all entrepreneurship, especially for opening a craft beer pub, money is needed from the purchase of craft beer equipment, store decoration, store supplies, storage of operating raw materials, working capital, etc., without the support of capital, it cannot be realized.Especially at the beginning of the turnover less, the need for funds to continue to inject, in addition to the early capital necessary, but also have a part of the reserve capital, to meet the early store management operation.

Must have the store management specialized skill

First of all, in store operation, you should know how to attract customers, what customers' needs are, how customers are willing to spend, how to attract customers to repeat consumption and so on.If you don't understand and think clearly about all of this, craft brewpubs will open and no matter how well they do, no customers will come to consume them. This is a huge problem.Second, since you're dealing with craft beer, what are the pros and cons of craft beer versus mass-market beer?How to make customers satisfied with the advantages and avoid the disadvantages, and to find out the highlights of craft beer to promote, so that customers can really experience.


Location is important

When you open a craft beer pub, you must pay attention to the market research in the early stage. Through market analysis, you must make a reasonable positioning for the beer house you are going to open, and then choose a proper store through positioning.For example: if you are targeting at business people or enterprises and institutions consumption, your site should be in the annex of the business district;If you are targeting the general public, you should focus on shopping malls and other places.Choose a suitable store, must ensure a certain amount of customer flow, no customer flow is difficult to carry out some business activities.


Have a memorable and distinctive name

For entrepreneurs, hope that the name has a certain meaning and positive energy; for consumers, seeing the name can attract consumer interest. You can think of the names of some knowledge points related to craft beer that will feel better, so that everyone can understand at a glance and like it at a glance. This also requires entrepreneurs to stand in the position of consumers to experience.


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