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Share Seven beer tips

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Share Seven beer tips

1. Ale and Lager are two fermentation type

According to the temperature of the fermentation and the position of the yeast, we can divide beer into two types, Ale and Lager.The two types of fermentation cannot completely determine beer the flavor. The following branches of the two types that determine flavor are pale Ale, Porter, Pearson, Startle, wheat, and so on.


2. Beer raw materials: malt, hops, yeast and water

Malt: Provide sugar needed for beer fermentation.

Hops: As a preservative, it provides beer aroma and bitterness.

Water: It occupies 95% of the beer. The brewing water should be treated to ensure that it does not affect the flavor or fermentation.

Yeast: It turns sugar into alcohol. It is the worker behind all this.

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3. Extra ingredients are not all good things

Sometimes the brewer will add coriander, sage, coffee, chocolate, milk, fruit or honey to the beer to increase the aroma and complexity of the beer. However, the rice, corn and starches that are used in big industrial breweries are used to cut down on the cost of brewing, and they greatly reduce the flavor of the beer.


4. The color of beer has nothing to do with alcohol

Dark beer tends to give people the feeling of higher alcohol and heavier taste. In most cases, the color of beer depends on the malt, and it is the sugar content in the wort that determines the alcohol content, not the color of the malt.

5. More beer foam is not better

The quality of beer cannot be determined by the amount of foam. The foam of high-quality beer should be delicate, white, and long-lasting. After drinking, there is still a lot of foam on the wall of the cup, which is a real good beer. At the same time, the amount of foam also depends on the style of the beer and the drinking temperature at the time.

6. Beer is not as cold as possible

The top fermented ale is suitable for drinking at a higher temperature.This makes sense, because Ale beer also needs to be fermented at a higher temperature to release some substance and flavor.Therefore, these flavors also need to be easily reflected at a certain temperature.


7.Canned beer is no worse than bottled beer

Canned beer has many advantages, such as the fast heat conduction of the container, and it is easy to quickly cool; the light-proof property is perfect, which can effectively prevent the beer from deteriorating; it is light and easy to carry.


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