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Residues from beer brewing

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In the process of brewing beer, residues are produced in basically every brewing process, and for most breweries, the disposal of these residual materials is a more troublesome thing.

The main residual materials in the entire production process of beer are: wheat roots in malting, wheat spent grains in saccharification, residual yeast in fermentation, and wastewater discharged from each process.

The residual material of beer is "baby" for the relative industry. So how does the residual material in beer turn waste into treasure?

  • Malt grains are the largest by-product in the output of craft breweries. The production process of high-concentration products only takes the first wort, and the unwashed extracts contained in the grains are higher and have greater utilization value. We can sell the residual wheat grains to farmers. It contains a lot of protein and has high nutritional value, making it the best feed for dairy cows. Malt grains can also be processed into biscuits, which are low-fat and low-sugar, rich in protein and dietary fiber, and suitable for making healthy food.

  • Waste yeast can be used in the food industry, and a variety of amino acids, polypeptides, vitamins and condiments of various trace elements can be produced by using waste yeast. The product is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrition. It is also a popular collection in the market today.

  • The application fields and recycling methods of many beer residual materials can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also develop potential high value-added products, which greatly improves the economic benefits of enterprises.


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