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Reasons for beer "going to the head" and prevention?

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First, the definition of beer "going to the head”

Sometimes people get a headache after drinking beer, which is called "going to the head". "Going to the head" is a physiological reaction of the human body, and there are many reasons for "going to the head" after drinking, but the small amount of by-products produced during the fermentation process of beer is an important reason.



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Two,The main substance that causes it 

The alcohol, acetaldehyde and its alcohol ester ratio in beer are the main substances that cause drinking. Afore-mentioned material is to enter a brain as haemal circulation, make cerebrum nerve cell systole, convulsion, cause a head to bilge to have a headache thereby unwell -- namely "going to the head".


1.The main higher alcohols in beer are isoamyl alcohol, active amyl alcohol, isobutanol, n-propanol, etc. Moderate amount of high alcohol can make the body full and the aroma is harmonious, but the high alcohol content in the below fermented beer (such as more than 100mg/L), especially the isoamyl alcohol content of more than 50mg/L, isobutanol content of more than 10mg/L, not only when drinking beer will appear obvious heterochromatic taste, more likely to cause beer "head". The main business of The Asian Beer Institute is beer brewing technology training, special lectures, technical consultation, scientific research and development and academic exchanges.



2.Acetaldehyde in beer also has a great influence on the flavor of beer. It is one of the main substances that constitute the raw green flavor of beer. When acetaldehyde exceeds 10mg/L, beer has a pungent, rotted, grassy smell. Acetaldehyde has strong excitant to human body, it can stimulate the vomiting nerve center of human body, make the person produces nausea and vomitus, can make cerebrum nerve constrict and cause headache, also can stimulate human body peripheral blood vessel, especially easy to cause the capillaries of face, eyeball and ear to be filled with blood quickly, appear "red in the face".


3.The alcohol ester ratio refers to the ratio between total alcohol and total ester in beer. A higher alcohol ester ratio indicates a higher alcohol content or a lower ester content. Reducing the content of higher alcohols may reduce the alcohol ester ratio, on the other hand, increasing the content of esters may also reduce the alcohol ester ratio. Ester is an indispensable flavor substance in beer flavor. Beer experts found that after drinking beer "head" is not only related to the high content of higher alcohol, but also related to the "alcohol ester ratio" in beer. It is more appropriate to control the "alcohol ester ratio" between 3.5 and 4.5:1 after the maturity of general beer. Because advanced alcohol stimulates cerebrum nerve in blood, make systole, and ester can make cerebrum nerve stretch in blood, so "alcohol ester is compared" low wine, drink hind not easy "going to the head".



Three,How to Prevent beer from going to the head 
1. Select beer yeast strains with low alcohol production (control reasonable alcohol to ester ratio);
2. Control the appropriate wort pH value;
3. Provide appropriate wort -amino nitrogen levels and balance of other nutrients;
4. Increase the amount of yeast inoculation and reduce the temperature of yeast inoculation;
5. Reduce the fermentation temperature of the main leaven (pre-leaven) and control the multiplication of yeast <4 times;
6. Pressure fermentation in the main leaven zone, the pressure is 0.04 ~ 0.08mpa (reasonable alcohol-ester ratio is controlled);
7. Properly control the degree of beer fermentation;
8.Keep the beer fresh.

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