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Methods of transportation and storage of malt

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Malt transportation

  • Generally think,the malt need storage at least 4 weeks before transportation and then remove the peel and polish slightly, so that increase the mash yield.

The reason is:

(1)In the process of malting and drying produce vitreous malt due to improper operation can transfer into good condition in the period of storage.

(2)In the process of storaging, protease activity can be increased and promote dissolve the nitrogenous substances.

(3)In the process of storaging, the malt acidity will increase and good for mashing.

(4)In the process of storaging, the amylase activity will high and increase the malt mashing ability.

(5)When the malt absorb the moisture, the oatmeal lose the brittleness and won’t completely crushed, it’s good for wort filteration. The mainly purpose for removing the peel and polish is remove the dust and assure the taste and beautiful.

  • Transporation method: bulk and bag.

  • Transporation machine must clean and dry, also prevent the malt increase the humidity and produce the moldy.

  • The package material must clean and non-toxic. Should’t transport with poisonous,harmful odor goods toghther.


Malt storage

  • The warehouse should good ventilation and dry. Also should have the measure for anti heat and moisture.

  • The malt should stack according to different variety. Forbid to contact and near the corrosion or easy mold,humidty goods. Also can’t stack with poisonous goods together.

  • When storage should check the malt temperature and water content, also can ventilation and lower the temperature when necessary. The temperature should below 20℃, the water content should not exceed 5%.

  • Shoul use the malt that the earliest storaged and avoid storaging for long time.


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