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Make a craft beer of stable quality. Have you managed to do these things?

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Friends who often brew beer know that every bottle of craft beer tastes different.For different people, even if they use the same raw materials, the taste of craft beer produced by the same beer equipment will be different. Why did this happen? Today, DEGONG beer equipment manufacturers share these kinds of knowledge with you about how to brew high-quality and stable craft beer.


Several points for attention in the selection of raw materials

1. Strictly check the raw barley to ensure that it meets the quality requirements.

2. Control the reasonable soaking degree of wheat and adjust the soaking time according to different seasons.

3. Control malt temperature: according to the characteristics of season and climate, low temperature then high temperature germination is adopted in summer and low temperature germination method is used in winter.

4. It is forbidden to use moldy malt, rice and old hops.

5. collocation of raw materials reasonably to ensure the balance and stability of various components of wort.


Several controls in the process of saccharification

Crushing control: the raw material should be fed in time after crushing, especially in summer when the temperature is high. If the raw material is not fed in time after crushing, the malt is easy to suffer damp and rancidity.

Boiling control: boiling is an important part of wort sterilization to ensure adequate boiling intensity and boiling time.

Control of entering the tank: after the wort pump is boiled into the rotary sinking tank, it should be cooled in time to prevent the retention time in the rotary settling tank is too long, the wort temperature will decrease, and cause microbial contamination. Make sure the wort pipe, compressed air and yeast are sterile before entering the can.

The removal of foam at the beginning of the boiling

In the process of continuous heating, there will be a layer of foam above the wort, some of which are white and some of which are very dirty, which we need to salvage out until there is no dirty foam. Because if the dirty foam is not salvaged, it will affect the taste of the beer.

The ratio of brewing water and raw materials

When brewing beer, the ratio of raw material malt to water is about 1: 4. I believe we all know this ratio. When filtering, everyone will measure the sugar, and when measuring the sugar, you have to wait until the wort temperature goes down, so that the measured figures will be more accurate. If the sugar content is high, people can use more water when washing the dregs.

But the premise is to see what kind of beer you brew, not blindly increase the amount of washing water.

Filter reflux is indispensable

When the wort is filtered, the clarity of the wort gradually becomes transparent. But the wort at the beginning and the wort filtered to the final stage are turbid, so the turbid wort needs to be taken out and refluxed, so that there are fewer impurities in the wort as a whole. it will also be of great help to the next boiling process.


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Strict hygienic control of fermentation process

The fermentor must be aseptic before the wort enters the tank, and the fermentor should be cleaned in a timely manner to ensure the effectiveness of the use of disinfectant. The fermentor should be thoroughly cleaned after each cycle of use to prevent sanitary dead corners. The environmental hygiene of the fermentation space must be clean, make sure that the ultraviolet sterilization is above 30min every day, and fumigation is carried out once a quarter.


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