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How to reduce the production power consumption of a beer company?

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Considering national resources, enterprise costs and environmental protection, the importance of electricity saving is more prominent, and as the beer industry's electricity cost accounts for a relatively high proportion of variable costs, which is also a larger item in the energy cost, so how to control better electricity saving measures, let us understand together.


Firstly, the potential points are analyzed around the first three processes that consume the most power:


  • Wort cooling: 

The main power consumption of wort cooling is due to the large amount of refrigerant consumption, so this paper analyzes how to improve the efficiency of heat transfer, how to avoid waste, and how to reduce the temperature difference between ice water and wort before and after heat absorption:
Avoidance of waste: it mainly focuses on waste in the preparation of ice water, that is, it pays attention to the amount of ice water prepared each time and the preparation time point of ice water, so as to avoid heat loss caused by excessive inventory or long time

Pay attention to the water temperature before the preparation of ice water: this problem is mainly concerned in the summer when the temperature is high and the beer production is relatively large
Plate efficiency:plate area, the degree of board face clean and medium velocity of several aspects of the number of board to try to improve the efficiency of heat transfer, try to improve the hot water temperature, but also consider the use of hot water extract, by himself from the three aspects of water, electricity, heat, suggest that around 80 ~ 81 ℃ hot water temperature control is better

  • Fermentation stage and cooling temperature

From the beginning of fermentation to the time when the beer enters the brite tank, a large amount of cold will be consumed. According to the calculation of heat balance, there are mainly three parts, and the formula is: Q=Q1+Q2+Q3

Q1. Heat energy generated by yeast propagation and fermentation
Q2. The heat loss in the fermentation process is mainly the heat preservation effect, whether the heat preservation is perfect, the total beer age of the fermentation broth, and whether the cold medium area is minimized under the best conditions
Q3, is the thermal energy difference between the wort inlet temperature of the fermenter and the fermentation liquid refrigeration temperature at the time of filtration


The rationality of wort transportation in the production process

Beer enterprise for motor configuration power consumption and other electric heating element, about 35% of the motor used in a lot of liquid medium conveying repeatedly, and this part of the motor and pump because not all standard, part of the motor and pump is companies combine oneself circumstance selectively configuration, so the rationality of its configuration directly relates to whether the power of the economy.


phe and wort pump-min

Plate heat exchanger & wort pump

Beer production has many electricity points and a long production cycle. A lot of careless operations will produce electricity waste, such as insufficient feeding manpower or slow down, resulting in manual lifting of temporary storage before crushing or lifting of storage can not be operated at full load, and there will be power loss under no load of conveying equipment. For example, because of the frequent CIP, long process time and large motor configuration due to pressure demand, the CIP link is easy to produce waste. In addition, due to improper production organization during filtration, BBT can not keep up with the filtration process and meaningless pump circulation.


Inverter: for running environment is not stable, consumes large motor frequency converter should be installed as soon as possible, in order to protect the motor, save electricity, such as running environment change larger raw water supply pump, wort supply pump, pump, cold medium pump and so on electric equipment should be equipped with frequency converter, achieve the goal of saving electricity.

Power factor capacitor compensation: by installing power capacitor compensator, point compensation is made for high-power motor (such as deep well water pump, refrigerating machine), and corresponding line compensation is made for voltage drop of long-distance transmission cable.

500 brewhouse-min

Skid mounted brewhouse with caldding copper

If you want to start your beer business, you first need to have a budget, and then start looking for factories. After that, you can choose several beer equipment suppliers, then confirm your needs, ask the suppliers to make a suitable plan, and finally ional brewer to produce the type of beer you need. You can sell it on site, or sell beer to bars, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

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