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The mashing process of beer was controlled by PLC

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Beer production technology is mainly composed of wort preparation, beer fermentation, beer filling and other technological processes, and the wort preparation process, that is, brewhouse/mashing. The control of beer mashing process is the most important part in the whole beer production process. The control of the process index plays a decisive role in the stability, taste and other technical indexes of beer. In the beer production control,PLC occupies a very important position, it can form a control system with perfect control function together with the computer, so as to solve the temperature control problem in the mashing process.


Development Status of PLC
From the point of view of technology, the new achievements of computer technology will be more applied to the design and manufacture of programmable controller, there will be faster computing speed, storage capacity is larger, more intelligent varieties appear; From the product scale, it will further develop to the direction of ultra-small and ultra-large; From the compatibility of the product, the variety of the product will be richer, more complete specifications, perfect human-machine interface, complete communication equipment will better adapt to the needs of various industrial control occasions. From the development of the network, the PLC and other industrial control computer network to form a large control system is the development direction of the PLC technology.


The composition of PLC
From the structure points,PLC is divided into fixed and modular two. Fixed PLC includes CPU board, I/O board, display panel, memory block, power supply and so on, these elements are combined into a non-detachable whole. Modular PLC includes CPU module, I/O module, memory, power module, baseplate or rack, these modules can be configured in accordance with certain rules.


plc control panel

PLC controlled brewhouse system

PLC programming can be used in three ways
(1) It is programmed with a general handheld programmer, which can only be programmed with statements in the merchant specified statement table. This method is low in efficiency, but it is more suitable for the products with small system capacity and small dosage, and it is small in size, easy to debug on site, and low in cost.
(2)It is programmed with a graphic programmer, the programmer using ladder diagram programming, convenient and intuitive, the general electrical personnel in a short period of time can be applied freely, but the price of the programmer is higher.
(3) It is the use of IBM personal computer and PLC software package programming, this way is the most efficient way, but most of the company's PLC development software package is expensive, and this way is not easy to field debugging.
Therefore, according to the size and difficulty of the system, the length of the development cycle and the capital of the reasonable selection of PLC products.


Production principle of beer mashing
Beer production technology is mainly composed of wort preparation, beer fermentation, beer filling and other technological processes, among which wort preparation is commonly known as brewhouse. The purpose of mashing is to dissolve most of the contents of the malt (including additives) by physical and biochemical means, that is, by boiling, controlling temperature and pH, etc., and by using enzymes to achieve maximum yield and minimum loss. The task of brewhouse is to ensure that the composition of wort can be suitable for the reproduction of yeast and ferment smoothly on the basis of economic and reasonable.



Brewhouse system


Characteristics of beer brewhouse control system
The control system is mainly aimed at the brewhouse and fermentation process of beer production, completing the automatic control of the whole process of rice and malt feeding, mashing and fermentation, meeting the requirements of the control precision of beer mashing and fermentation, and adopting the predictive control and cascade control respectively for various parameters of beer mashing according to their different characteristics. The characteristics of the saccharization process control are firstly that the processes of gelatinization, mashing, filtration, boiling and clarification are carried out intermittantly, and each process has to be controlled over time.


Beer mashing production process
The manufacture of wort is commonly known as brewhouse, which refers to the grinding of malt and auxiliary materials, mashing and filtration of mash, as well as the process of boiling and cooling of wort. The mashing process mainly puts rice and malt and other raw materials into the gelatinization and mashing pot after dust removal, grinding and mixing slurry, and carries out heating and heat preservation in strict accordance with the process curve of beer production. Under the action of enzymes, the malt and other auxiliary materials are fully dissolved, and then the wort and wheat grains are filtered and separated. The filtered wort is boiled, evaporated and concentrated to reach the required concentration of the process. At the same time, hops are added in the process. The boiled wort is sent to a whirlpool clarifying tank for clarification, and then cooled by thin plates to about 10±0.5℃ and sent to a fermenting tank.


Brewing process

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