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What are the fermentation methods used in beer equipment?

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As we all know, beer is a kind of alcohol mainly brewed by fermentation. We will briefly introduce the main fermentation methods used by small beer equipment to brew beer, so that you can better understand how to brew high-quality beer.

1. Rapid fermentation: By controlling the fermentation conditions, on the basis of maintaining the original flavor, the fermentation cycle is shortened, the equipment utilization rate is improved, and the output is increased. The process control conditions of the rapid fermentation method are: increase the temperature in a certain stage of the fermentation process; increase the amount of yeast inoculum; and stir.

2. Concentrated mash fermentation: It has been used in production since 1967. It is a method of using high-concentration wort for fermentation, and then diluting it into a finished beer with a specified concentration. It can increase output without increasing or increasing production equipment. The original wort concentration is generally around 16°P.

3. Continuous fermentation: In 1906, there was a plan for continuous beer fermentation, but it was not industrialized until 1967. The main application countries are New Zealand, the United Kingdom and so on. The promotion of continuous beer fermentation technology is limited due to the easy variation of strains, the contamination of miscellaneous bacteria and the flavor of beer.

4. Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank: The commonly used beer production method at present, it has been used in production since 1966. Its main advantages are: it can shorten the fermentation cycle, save investment, recover CO2 and yeast easily, and is conducive to the realization of automatic control. At present, the volume of a single tank of 1000L is very common, and the material is generally stainless steel.


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