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Ways to make your beer clearer

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People who often brew their own beer must have encountered this situation. The poor clarification of the fermentation liquid makes the brewed wine easily turbid. So what affects the clarification of the fermentation liquid? DEGONG equipment today affects how many times the fermentation liquid is clarified. Here are some factors to share with you:

Clarification of fermentation broth is a process of natural coagulation and sedimentation of suspended particles, which is a simple and time-consuming process. The clarification of the fermentation broth and the sedimentation of suspended turbid particles are greatly affected by the size of the turbid particles and the viscosity of the liquid.

Therefore, in order to speed up the clarification of the fermentation broth, we must try to reduce the viscosity of the liquid and increase the chance of turbid particles agglomerating into large particles.

Secondly, the factors that can clarify the fermentation broth are related to the sedimentation of turbid particles contained in the fermentation broth, the diameter of the fermenter tank, the sedimentation height, and the degree of movement of the fermentation broth. Both the irregular movement of the fermentation broth and the relatively high settling distance affect the settling of particles. Therefore, time and the height of the fermenter play an important role in standing wine storage.


DEGONG beer fermentation tanks

If the fermentation broth is still cloudy after standing for a period of time, the main reasons for this phenomenon are:

  • The quality of raw materials is poor (malt solubility is poor), the saccharification effect is poor, and many sticky substances are brought into the wort, resulting in high viscosity of the fermentation broth and affecting the sedimentation of particulate matter.

  • The wine storage time is too short, and the settling time of coagulate particles and yeast is not enough.

  • After the wine storage temperature is high, yeast cells and fine particles of cold coagulation are continuously precipitated, but they are not agglomerated into large particles to precipitate.

  • The temperature of the post-storage wine is high, the number of yeast cells is high, the post-fermentation lasts for a long time, the wine body is in a moving state, and the turbid particles are not easy to settle.

  • The high pH of the fermentation broth will affect the coagulation and sedimentation of particulate matter such as cold turbidity. Higher pH will also increase the viscosity of the fermentation broth and affect clarification.

  • The coagulation performance of yeast is not strong, the fermentation degree is too low, and the decomposition degree of protein during saccharification is not up to the level, and the removal efficiency of cold and hot coagulation is too low, which will affect the clarification of fermentation broth.

  • The wort contaminates miscellaneous bacteria and the fermentation broth is acidified, which will make some coagulum particles have repulsive charges and cannot coagulate and settle.

After knowing the reasons that affect the clarification of the fermentation liquid and finding out the countermeasures, I believe that when you brew your own beer, you will also improve the clarity of the craft beer you brew.

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