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The material of beer equipment is very important

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If you want to brew good craft beer, you must first have a good brewing equipment. When buying beer equipment, many people have doubts, that is why the price of beer equipment that looks similar in appearance is very different? Beer equipment manufacturers will reveal the secrets for you:

1. The materials are different. The interior of craft beer equipment is made of stainless steel, but stainless steel comes in different models. If the relatively poor quality 201 stainless steel is used, the cost can be relatively saved. But such a stainless steel liner is more likely to rust and the thickness is too thin. When the beer is fermented, a lot of gas will be generated. If the inner material is too thin, the pressure will be lower, and it will be easy to leak, which will affect the quality of the wine.

2. High energy consumption. The insulation layer is made of rock wool or other materials, the compressor power is small, and the pipeline design is unreasonable, so the power consumption in the later period can be imagined.

3. The quality of pipe fittings, valves and various accessories is poor. There are some low-priced valve and instrument accessories on the market, but the quality is also poor, and it is easy to rust and damage after long-term use. lead to unsatisfactory winemaking effect.


DEGONG High Quality 7BBL Brewing System

In the market, there are many beer equipment manufacturers with various appearances. So how should you choose and how do you know whether it is suitable for you? DEGONG equipment will share with you a few points:

1. The inner layer: the inner and outer walls of the cylinder body are precisely polished by argon arc welding of stainless steel 304 original plate

2. Outer layer: cylinder stainless steel 304 original plate/mirror panel/copper plate argon arc welding inner and outer wall precision polishing

3. Heating method: The saccharification system needs to be equipped with heating equipment to ensure the staged heating of the malto-saccharification process. It can be equipped with electric heating, gas boilers, oil-fired boilers and other methods.

4. Insulation: The refrigerator works efficiently and continuously ensures that the ethylene glycol ice water circulates back and forth between the water belt of the fermentation tank and the plate heat exchanger of the saccharification system. Through the circulating heat exchange process of ice water, tap water and hot wort, the requirements of different cooling intervals for beer brewing are realized, and the energy is highly efficient.

5. Insulation layer: The thickness of high-density in-situ foamed polyurethane insulation material is filled between the two layers of tanks. The thickness is 80-120mm.

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