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The characteristics and brewing technology of wheat beer

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With the improvement of people's living standard and the change of consumption concept, beer varieties are developing towards diversification. Wheat beer is a kind of low alcohol beverage made of high quality wheat bud by scientific method.

Wheat beer is a fermented beer made with at least 50% wheat sprouts and with an original wort concentration of at least 10%. Wheat beer is welcomed by more and more consumers because of its light color, fresh taste and pure and unique flavor, and has a broad development prospect.


One, the type of wheat beer

1.Yeast Turbidity Wheat Beer (Yeast Wheat Beer) : directly adjust the extract content and yeast quantity in the bottle before filling, requiring accurate operation.

2.Crystal wheat beer: A clear wheat beer that has been filtered and contains no yeast.


Second, the main characteristics of wheat beer

1.The carbon dioxide content is high, 6 g/l -10 g/l or 0.8%-1.0%, which can give the drinker a cool and comfortable feeling.


2.Rich foam, white and delicate, and good bubble holding. The holding capacity of the bubble can generally reach more than 250 seconds.


3.Pure and unique fragrance. Due to the high content of esters, higher alcohols and certain phenolic compounds, the wheat beer has an elegant flavor. For example, beer is endowed with fruity, floral and clove flavors.


4.Wheat beer, as a cool drink with low alcohol content, quenches thirst better than other beverages.


5.Wheat beer improves digestion. Because the small amount of alcohol in wheat beer and the carbon dioxide released can speed up the activity of digestive enzymes in the body.


6.Because yeast stores a large number of valuable B vitamins (especially vitamins B1 and B2), it is more healthy to drink unfiltered yeast-rich beer.


7.Long shelf life. Enzyme preparation and wort clarification technology can effectively remove the excess protein in beer, so as to prolong its shelf life.



Three Key points of brewing process of yeast wheat beer (turbid wheat beer)


1.The mashing process must be conducive to strengthening the decomposition of protein, and the feeding temperature of 35℃-37℃ can be used in the two decoction mashing method (or one decoction mashing method). The boiling time of the mash is 20-25 minutes. The ratio of solid to liquid in mash is generally 1∶2.8-1∶3. Finally, the fermentation degree is ensured to reach 78-85%.


2.The processing conditions of lauter: 35℃→50℃ (40 min) →63℃ (40 min) →68℃ (40 min) →78℃→ filtration → boiling (25-30 min).


3.Key points of fermentation process

Main fermentation: The main fermentation is very strong, and the final fermentation degree can be approached after 2-4 days of fermentation at 18℃-21℃. After the main yeast is finished, the yeast is recovered (from the bottom of the cone in the cone tank).


Add "first wort". That is, the exact amount (6%-7%) of the first wort should be added, and the first wort should be pre-sterilized. The added amount should be about 12% from the final fermentation degree. The added extract can be fermented to produce enough carbon dioxide.
Add "finish wort". Add a 9%-10% sugar content of the bottom fermenting high sparkling beer from the main fermenting tank to the mixing tank and continue fermenting under pressure.

In both cases, the yeast used for post-yeast is re-added, and the underlying yeast is generally used.


4.When mixing after the main yeast, oxygen must be avoided as much as possible.

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