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Share craft brewing beer experience

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In the brewing process, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of questions, such as the more foam, the better?etc. If you also encounter the following problems in the brewing process, the beer equipment manufacturer will explain to you, and how to solve?

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Q: Is more beer foam the better?

A: Foam is not the most important sign to measure the quality of a beer, like German beer foam is more, such as wheat beer;But comparatively speaking, most British beers have only a thin layer of foam, but this does not prevent their beer from tasting good.

Although the amount of foam in beer is not very important, foam stability is a relatively important parameter.Beer foam is created when the carbon dioxide in the beer spills out, taking up some of the surface material and forming the foam.The more carbon dioxide in a beer, the more foam it will create.But foam stability has little to do with carbon dioxide. It has to do with protein content, sugar content and hops quality.So when we make beer, the first thing we want is the stability of the foam, and the amount of foam depends on the carbon dioxide.

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Q:How does concentrated beer hide the taste of alcohol and how to make the beer more balanced?

A: The fermentation temperature of concentration beer must be controlled well. If the temperature is too high, it will lead to high content of advanced alcohol in the beer, and the sharp sense of the beer is strong and the personality is more publicity.In addition to controlling the fermentation temperature well, the residual sugar should also be well controlled. In addition, it should be stored for a certain period of time, which can be as short as three months, as long as six months or even several years.Concentration beer If you do a good job in the early stage, then the late improvement just need to leave it to time.

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Q:How much effect does hops throw before and dry hops throw on fragrance promotion?

A: The hops throw before refers to the initial stage of wort collection when hops are put into a pot that has already begun to wash out the wort.This method is intended to allow the hops to soak in the collected wort (usually from the saccharifying vats, at temperatures ranging from 60°C to 70°C, depending on the procedure) until the end of the washing-out process.Volatile hop substances undergo very complex reactions and changes and release a combination of hop aroma and bitterness that cannot be obtained by any other method.

Hops are added in the saccharification or filtration process, which does not contribute much to the enhancement of aroma, but will affect the flavor of beer. The main reason is that polyphenols in hops will protect the oxidation of wort when mixed into wort.Hops before injection will have an effect on bitterness, not much effect on aroma.


Dry hops throw refers to the brewing technique of pouring hops into the beer again or even several times during fermentation. It can maximize the aroma of the hops, and because the hops are not boiled at this stage, the bitterness can not be fully released, which will not have a fatal effect on the final taste of the beer.

Dry hops throw had a great effect on enhancing the aroma of hops, but not on enhancing the malt or fermentation flavor.Dry hops throw can refer to IPA standard to wort the variety, quantity and flavor of hops.


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