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Precautions for loading and unloading brewing equipment

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How to pack, load and unload the brewing equipment in the correct way

With the boom of craft beer, the craft beer market continues to increase. More and more foreign customers choose to buy beer brewing equipment from China after a series of investigations. Most of them are brewers or beer enthusiasts, and they have enough knowledge about using brewing equipment to brew craft beer, but they are not very clear about the correct loading and unloading after receiving the goods, which may cause damage or scratches. Next, we will introduce the precautions for loading and unloading brewing equipment according to different situations.

How to load and unload brewing equipment in different containers

To be packed before loading equipment, the surface of the tank needs to be covered with one or several layers of film, supported by U-shaped steel with wheels on the bottom for easy movement, and packed in plywood boxes for protection. Equipment suitable for containers of different sizes Different sizes.

  • 20GP (20ft Universal): It is a general-purpose container for transportation, with internal dimensions of 5950 x 2340 x 2370 mm, small internal space, and is often used in small breweries. For equipment of 500L and below, it can be placed standing up, supported by U-shaped steel, and fixed with ropes and anchor bolts, which not only saves the space of the container, but also saves freight for customers. For larger equipment of 1000L and above, make them flat Lying down, supported with U-shaped steel, it is very convenient to move the tank since the bottom wheels are assembled in the support frame.

  • 40GP (40ft Universal) and 40HC (40ft High Cube): It is a universal container for brewing equipment transportation, the internal dimensions of the 40GP are 11950 x 2340 x 2370 mm, and the 40HC container is 11950 x 2340 x 2680mm. The interior is large enough to be used in a small brewery or as a turnkey project for a brewery. In comparison, the 40HC container has more interior space than the 40GP container, but the transportation costs of the two are very similar, so the former (40HC) is more popular in the transportation of small brewing equipment.

For brewing equipment of 1000L and below loaded in a 40HC container, after the arrival inspection is correct, they can be directly unloaded from the container without any adjustment and assembly. For brewing equipment of 1500L and above, it cannot be directly loaded into a 40HC container. It should be disassembled and packaged separately before transportation. After receiving the goods, they will be unloaded and reassembled after inspection.

All in all, brewing equipment has strict requirements on quality issues, and the loading and unloading process is also very important in the entire delivery process. Only by ensuring the correct loading and unloading of the equipment can the equipment be used better. If you are a beer lover and looking to buy brewery equipment, hope this helps a lot!


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