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PLC control system of beer equipment

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The DEGONG Beer Brewing Equipment is a PLC automation system that controls the temperature of beer brewing. It can automatically control the temperature and pressure, and it has various sensors to measure the temperature and pressure. The control system uses a Siemens brand PLC, which allows the equipment to be easily controlled by an operator.

The temperature and pressure are measured by two different sensors: one for temperature and one for pressure. These sensors are selected by the operator based on what kind of beer they plan on making. When these sensors are connected to the control system via signal lines, they provide feedback about what is happening with the equipment at any given time. The operator can choose to display this information in different ways depending on whether they want to see numerical values or just simple gauges showing how hot or cold something is getting.

In order for all these parts to work together efficiently, an electrician will install them into an electrical box that allows each component access to power lines without interfering with each other’s functionality. This makes it easier for multiple users to operate their own equipment without having to worry about damaging anything else nearby because someone else.

Brewery Automation Systems

If you are a beer brewer who has just started his or her own business and you want a fully automated brewing system, then it is important that you know what each part of your brewery automation system does. Some parts of the brewery automation systems are more important than others and should be installed first before considering other components.

The core of your beer brewing equipment is the automation system. This includes PLC control systems and industrial robots as well as other devices such as valves and temperature controllers which allow for proper monitoring during every stage in the process from raw materials through product distribution to end users.

Brewing Process Automation

Beer brewing equipment automation system is composed of beer brewing equipment and PLC automation system. Beer brewing equipment is of various kinds, such as mash tun, lauter tun and fermentation tank. The main function of these beer brewing equipment is to process raw materials into finished products through the flow chart shown above.

On the other hand, PLC control system plays an important role in automatic control of beer brewing process as well as vehicle manufacturing industry and so on. It also has lots of advantages compared with traditional microcomputer-based systems in terms of cost reduction, easy operation and expansion capabilities without manual adjustment after installation.

Composition Of Beer Brewing Equipment

The composition of beer brewing equipment can be divided into two parts, one is the main equipment and the other is auxiliary equipment. The main brewing process includes:

Mash tun : it is used to cook malt;

Lauter tun : it is used in mash filtration;

Boil kettle : it is used to carry out boiling operation;

Whirlpool tank : it is used for separation of impurities that are unevenly distributed in wort;

Fermenter: It’s a big barrel with smooth inner walls and a lid at one end. Inside there are several holes on which polyethylene tubes are fastened vertically like a basket so that yeast liquid can flow through each hole from top to bottom and vice versa. There are several fermentation tanks such as cylindrical tanks, conical tanks, rectangular upright tanks etc.;

The Automation System Of The Beer Brewing Equipment

In the beer brewing equipment, you need to control the temperature of each tank and fermenter. Therefore, an automation system is required to do this. It’s not so difficult to build a simple PLC controller for such a beer brewing equipment. But if you want to build an advanced PLC system for your brewery, then you may face some difficulties because there are many things that can go wrong with this kind of automation system.

The Core Of The Beer Brewing Equipment Is The Automation System.

The core of the beer brewing equipment is the automation system. The automation system is the brain, heart, and soul of a brewery. Brewing beer is not just about mixing water and malt in a vat; it’s also about careful monitoring of temperatures during fermentation and maturation.

Automation systems can be complex or simple depending on your needs. A small microbrewery may only need to control one process at a time (such as heating/cooling), whereas larger breweries might need multiple processes controlled simultaneously via different points in their process flowchart.

Brewery Automatic Control System (PLC) Advantages

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using a PLC automatic control system in a brewery.

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is an electronic device that is used to control machines. It contains a microprocessor and other related components such as analog input/output modules, digital input/output modules, counters, timers etc., which makes it easier for the user to create programs according to their needs. The main advantage of using this technology is that it allows you to automate almost all your tasks with ease while keeping costs low at the same time because there are no special software requirements needed for its use!

Beer Brewing Equipment Automatic Control System (PLC) Features

PLC is a type of computer that controls operation and automation.

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller, which is a special programmable electronic device.

It can be used to control many types of machinery, such as conveyors and printers, etc.

PLC control system features:

  • The function of PLC controller is to control the physical variables in a process system to make it more efficient than manually operated systems;

  • It has a small size and light weight;

  • PLCs have excellent performance in low voltage conditions;

  • Advantages:1) Small size and light weight; 2) Efficient cost performance ratio; 3) High reliability (fault tolerance).


The control system of the beer brewing equipment is composed of PLC, which is a very important part. The automation system can provide high-quality and high-yield beer production by controlling the fermentation process and bottling process, which can guarantee the quality of products.

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