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No hops, malt and yeast, what kind of beer is this?

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Water, hops, malt and yeast, in people's common sense, these four raw materials are indispensable to the composition of beer, but in fact, these are only applicable to a certain region of Germany beer purity law for industrial beer standards. In fact, there is no valid rule that beer must use any of these four ingredients. Beer is traditionally an alcoholic drink made from wheat malt, hops and biologically fermented.

Objectively speaking, any grain can be used to make beer, while hops and common yeast can be used as substitutes for similar functions.With the exception of irreplaceable water, you may find it hard to imagine beer without these ingredients.In the world of craft brewing, however, these seemingly improbable things are exactly the embodiment of creativity and energy.

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Beer without barley

Whether it is wheat beer, German wheat beer, Belgian wheat beer, although the ingredients indicate that the added raw material is wheat, barley malt is more or less added. Barley malt can be said to absolutely dominate the ingredients of common beer . However, for people who are allergic to gluten, the barley content in beer keeps them away. In order for them to enjoy the rich taste experience brought by beer, gluten-free beer on the market came into being.

In fact, in most parts of Europe, the meaning of gluten-free beer is very simple. It is a beer brewed from gluten-free grains, such as millet, sorghum, quinoa, buckwheat and so on. A British craft brewery has launched a gluten-free beer brewed from sorghum. Similarly, the American craft beer Tweason’ale is also a gluten-free beer brewed from sorghum.

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Beer without hops

To be sure, in the thousands of years when hops were not discovered, the beer people drank at that time was hop-free. More is adding some herbs to give more flavor. Among these flavor-enhancing herbal formulas, the most well-known is "gloryt".

Usually, gloryt is a mixed formula composed of three herbs: fragrant bayberry, yarrow and duxiang. More broadly speaking, any herbal formula suitable for adding to beer can be called gloryt. In the global wave set off by craft beer, this classic formula full of traditional style is favored by many brewers.

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Beer without yeast

Since there are beers that are brewed without hops and beers that are brewed without barley, there will also be beers that are brewed without or without the usual yeast.One thing to note is that many people have a misconception about wild ale, which is that it's made with the addition of only Brett's yeast or other wild yeast.In fact, this is not the case. Many wild yeast are fermented by adding wild yeast on the basis of certain base beer.

It may sound like a fantasy to use yeast to ferment beer, but it does happen. For example, Belgian era beer is fermented without any yeast and uses biological enzymes as the driving force of beer fermentation. Beer that doesn't have hops or barley may sound weird and unusual in the realm of common sense, but it's this unconventional, creative spirit that makes the world of craft beer so colorful.

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