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How to extend the life of beer brewing equipment?

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For most home-brewed beer operators, the investment in beer equipment also accounts for a large part. Many people hope that the service life of the purchased equipment will be longer. Today, DEGONG equipment will talk to you about the use and operation of beer equipment. How to increase the service life of equipment?

1. Mill system

When crushing malt, use the correct crushing method. The malt should not be too wet, so as to avoid sticking more viscous materials on the grinding disc of the crusher. After each crushing, clean the impurities on the grinding disc. During normal operation, if the pulverizer sticks with thick material, it should be cleaned up in time before pulverizing.

2. Mashing system

When heating, pay attention to the water flowing over the heating pipe or over the heating wall; when the filtration is difficult to filter, after loosening the wort layer, start the mixer, and do not start the mixing appliance hard; wort pump: the valve is too small to open , It is easy to burn the motor when feeding the pump. It should be noted that the appearance should be cleaned after the operation. When there is a lot of dirt, it should not be scrubbed with hard objects, so as not to damage the outer wall of the tank.


DEGONG brewery mashing brewhouse

3. Fermentation system

When fermenting, pay attention to the pressure requirements of the fermentation tank and do not operate over pressure; when cooling, do not cool down rapidly, causing the inner wall to freeze; the fermentation instruments are repaired once a year to ensure that each instrument is normal, so as to avoid operating errors and damage the interior of the tank ; The outer wall of the fermentation tank should be cleaned regularly. After each operation, the outer wall should be cleaned, and the interior should be regularly pickled to remove the beer stone in the tank.


DEGONG high quality fermentation tanks

4. Cooling system

Under the premise of not affecting the heat dissipation, cover the canopy. The temperature of the ice water cannot be lowered too low and controlled within a reasonable range. Avoid prolonged operation of the refrigerator and take appropriate protective measures.

5. Control system

When using, first ensure that the voltage is within the normal range, and the voltage cannot be too large; after the original electrical components are damaged, they must be replaced immediately; the control cabinet is finally separated and kept dry. It is recommended to install cooling fans and vents for the control cabinet. The overall equipment and operating environment should be cleaned every day to keep the outside of the tank hygienic. Regular maintenance of instruments and meters, regular maintenance of control systems, regular maintenance of equipment, and checking whether there is a lack of lubricating oil at mechanical connections. Do one small maintenance per month and one major maintenance per year.

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