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How to choose excellent complete craft beer brewery equipment?-Welcome to DEGONG

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How to choose excellent complete craft beer brewery equipment?-Welcome to DEGONG

With the development of today's society, the market for craft beer is expanding, and more people have gone from understanding craft beer to falling in love with craft beer. Some even are engaged in craft beer brewing. The production of craft beer is actually to distinguish most of our common industrial beer.

In fact, there is no special definition of craft beer in the world. It can be said that handcrafted beer is craft beer. It can also be said that the low-yield, carefully brewed beer and the craftsman’s heart beer is the craft beer. Others define it in taste, or in the selection of ingredients, which craft beer brewing just use only malt, hops, yeast, and brewing water in the selection of raw materials, without adding auxiliary materials such as corn and rice. The definition of craft beer still has to be defined according to your own mind, there is no specific concept.


So how to choose craft beer brewery equipment? If you want to do the craft beer industry, one of the most important points is the purchase of craft brewery equipment. Among them, you must understand the model or classification of craft beer equipment combined with its production, use, price and other factors. There are many types craft microbrewery in the market. What kind of craft brewing equipment is good? The following beer equipment manufacturer of DEGONG Equipoemnt Technology Co.,Ltd brought a piece for detailed analysis.

beer brewing equipment

1. The operation interface program is perfect

When purchasing craft beer equipment, users should understand whether the operating system of the brewery equipment is smooth and whether the operation interface is simple and direct. One of the selling points of craft brewing system is simple operation. This requires beer brewing equipment to have a very powerful operating system.

2. The overall consumption of craft brewery equipment

It is very necessary to choose a craft beer equipment with a low consumption. The cost of craft brewing equipment is generally fixed. The loss of brewing equipment is reflected in the continuous consumption of electricity during the brewing process. Users should pay attention to the overall power consumption of the equipment when choosing and whether to meet the national standards.

3.Equipment material meets international requirements

The material of craft beer equipment is the core of the beer making machine, because the choice of material determines how much pressure the equipment can withstand. Generally, craft beer equipment uses stainless steel 304 as the material of craft beer equipment, and A wide variety of craft beer devices are available to entrepreneurs, it is worth considering those materials that meet international standards. Such equipment has a long service life and is not prone to safety accidents.

DEGONG beer brewing equipment

The above is an introduction to a qualified craft beer equipment. The technological maturity of excellent craft beer equipment is so high that the operation effect is excellent. This is essential for food manufacturing equipment such as craft beer equipment. Many customers have expressed that the beer brewed with high-quality craft brewery equipment has excellent flavor and aftertaste. Of course, this is also related to the technology of the brewer and the familiarity and proficiency of the equipment brand to the global beer industry.


At the same time, we also found that the basic workmanship of craft beer equipment is good, which will allow customers to operate and operate comfortably in actual use. Such a brewing tank would also be very easy for customers operation in the future .

Craft beer equipment manufacturers have perfect service system construction and implementation systems, which means that customers can get a complete brewing equipment and services without worries at a reasonable price. And Degong is such an existence.Welcome to consult us at any time, We can provide you with various kinds of beer brewing equipment according to the different needs of customers.

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