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How to adjust wort concentration and alcohol content in beer brewing equipment?

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1. The meaning of wort concentration:

The original wort concentration, also known as the original wort concentration. The degree of general drinking wine indicates the alcohol content, so it is referred to as "alcoholic degree", while the "degree" of beer refers to the concentration of wort, which refers to the concentration of wort before fermentation when making beer. First know how beer is made.

The original wort concentration is used to measure the content of fermentable sugars before fermentation, which refers to the sugar content of the wort in the raw material at the beginning of fermentation. Raw wort concentration is a representative indicator of the potential potency of a beer, with 1.040 raw wort concentration equivalent to 10% wort producing a beer with about four percent alcohol by volume.

2. The meaning of alcohol concentration:

The alcohol content is because the wort is fermented by yeast, and the sugar is biochemically converted into alcohol, carbon dioxide, and other nutrients such as ester alcohols. Therefore, there is a saying of alcohol content, that is, the percentage of alcohol in beer liquid, and the alcohol content of liquor. is the same, marked with %. The higher the malt concentration, the higher the alcohol content.

The alcohol content of beer is calculated according to the mass volume percentage (M/V%). Like the 12 degrees marked on the trademark, it refers to the original wort concentration, so the alcohol content should be about 4°. Under normal circumstances, the alcohol content of beer is mostly between 2-5%, the common light-colored beer is 3.3-3.8%; the strong-colored beer is 4-5%; and the alcohol concentration of German beer is relatively high, about 5- 9%, and the wheat aroma is more mellow and bitter, and the bitterness is also heavier.

The wort concentration is proportional to the alcohol concentration. The higher the wort concentration of the beer, the higher the alcohol content. To a certain extent, it can be said that its quality is better. Most of the fresh beers brewed by craft beer houses on the market have a wort concentration of 12°-20°, and the wort concentration is almost twice that of industrial beer. Therefore, for those who are used to drinking industrial beer, the first time If you drink craft beer, you will immediately feel that the beer you used to drink is similar to drinking water.

3. The principle of brewing beer

In the process of beer brewing, yeast decomposes sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Under the condition that other conditions remain unchanged, the higher the proportion of sugar in the wort, the higher the alcohol content of the final beer. However, in practice, it is almost impossible for yeast to decompose 100% of the sugar in the wort, and the remaining sugar is the non-decomposable sugar. The amount of non-decomposable sugar determines the sweetness of the wine.

So, in the actual store operation process, is the higher the wort concentration the better? How to adjust the wort concentration and alcohol content? In fact, when brewing beer, the better the quality of barley malt, the higher the sugar yield, and the higher the wort concentration. The higher the beer, the stronger the taste of the beer, the heavier the malt flavor, and the higher the alcohol content.

If the majority of customers are alcoholics and prefer to drink a higher-strength beer, you can add malt to make a stronger, higher-alcohol beer. If customers are accustomed to drinking industrial beer and generally do not have a high amount of alcohol, they can appropriately reduce the amount of malt or increase the amount of brewing water, slightly dilute the concentration of wort, the alcohol content will decrease, and the taste will also decrease, because large industrial beer This is how the factory dilutes the puree beer. If the goal of brewing is high wort concentration and rich taste, but requires low alcohol content, it can be achieved in actual operation. Therefore, beer brewing should be guided by the local market demand and adjust the taste according to the taste of most customers.

We understand the relationship between the original wort concentration and the alcohol content, and we can brew the craft beer with the desired richness of taste, richness of malt flavor and alcohol content according to the local market demand of the store and the amount of alcohol we want. I hope everyone can brew craft beers that satisfy themselves and consumers.

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