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Filtration technology used in beer equipment

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After fermentation, the beer fermentation broth is stored at a low temperature for a period of time. Although most of the cold turbidity and yeast cells have been precipitated and separated, a small amount of material is still suspended in the wine. In order to prevent yeast cells and other turbid substances from leaching out of beer within the "minimum shelf life" of beer, it must be further filtered before packaging. With the increasingly fierce competition in the beer market and people's requirements for beer quality are getting higher and higher, breweries find ways to reduce costs and improve beer quality. Among them, the filtration of beer is the key.

The purpose of beer filtration mainly includes the following three points: 

  • removing suspended matter in the wine, improving the appearance of the beer, making the beer clear and transparent, and rich in gloss;

  • removing or reducing the substances that cause turbid precipitation of beer, such as polyphenols And protein to improve the colloidal stability of beer;

  • remove microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria to improve the biological stability of beer.

Beer filtration can be divided into beer clarification, abiotic stability treatment and biological stability treatment. The technologies commonly used in beer filtration clarification include centrifugal separation, diatomite filtration and cardboard filtration. The main equipment used is centrifuge, diatomite filter and plate filter. In terms of abiotic stability treatment, adding PVPP, silica gel, tannin, and protease to beer is widely used. In terms of biological stability treatment, pasteurization is mainly used for sterilization, and sterile membrane filtration technology is used for aseptic filtration.


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