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Craft beer brewing steps and time

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Summary of beer brewing process

Select barley (storage and selection) →germinate→pulping→boiling→cooling→fermentation→maturation→(filtration or sterilization)→packaging.

In beer brewing, the starch source is first converted into a liquid containing sugar, called "wort", and then the sugar in the wort is broken down into alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast to form beer.


Detailed description of beer brewing process

First of all, before using craft beer equipment to brew beer, clean every clean work area, disinfect counters, clean stoves, clean equipment, thoroughly clean all machines and equipment with soap and water, and disinfect all goods. Especially smaller goods such as thermometers.


The first step is to grind the germinated barley and then mix it with hot water to make wort. This step is called "mashing". After mixing hot water with broken malt, the saccharification process takes about 1 to 2 hours, during which the starch is converted into sugar, and then the sweet wort is discharged from the mash.

Then wash the dregs, and then wash out as much fermentable wort as possible, a process called "wort separation". The traditional method is to filter out through the raw material itself (dregs) as a filter medium. nowadays, some modern breweries prefer to use modern filter equipment to improve production efficiency.


In the process of boiling, hot wort is introduced into the Hopback. When the boiled wort passes through the extraction tank, the components in the hops are extracted, thus improving the flavor and aroma of the beer.

Hops can be extracted many times, but the longer the process, the more bitter the beer, and the lighter the taste and aroma of hops. In addition, hops can also be dry cast, that is, hop directly into the fermentor, using alcohol and carbon dioxide to extract hop essential oil, so as to increase the aroma of beer.


After the boiling process, the wort is introduced directly into the fermentor through the cooling tank and heat exchanger, then yeast is added and oxygen is injected.

Usually, the cooled wort is directly introduced into the fermentor and then added to the yeast for fermentation. The fermentation time of beer depends on the type of yeast and the intensity of beer, which is between 7 and 30 days. In addition to producing ethanol and carbon dioxide during the fermentation process, fine particles suspended in the wort and dead yeast slowly sink to the bottom of the tank, which is a clear beer liquid.

In the final step, the beer is encapsulated, and the craft beer equipment uses disinfectants for food hygiene and safety, cleaning the inner and outer surfaces of the bottle, transferring the beer from the fermentor to the bottling barrel, and using a siphon to transfer the beer to each bottle. Cover the bottle and store it in a room with a constant temperature of 65 to 70 degrees.


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