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Craft beer brewery equipment, based on what to choose?

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Buy a set of stable equipment, the operation can be simple or complex, but the equipment must be stable, the temperature control must be stable, the time control must be accurate, the equipment welding and polishing effect is good, the equipment pressure is good, etc., human factors minimize the impact on the product Intervene to standardize traditional beer technology and make special beer such as IPA. If you want to enter the craft beer industry, it is essential to inspect manufacturers, inspect equipment, and inspect the quality of craft beer. Today, the beer brewing equipment manufacturer will give you an answer.


1. Estimated investment

Investing in a craft beer house is not only about equipment, but also an estimate of raw materials, water, electricity, personnel and other management costs in the later period. It is best to work with the equipment manufacturer to make a cost-benefit analysis in advance based on the local price and consumption level of the equipment placement site and make an investment plan.

2. Types of beer making

Depending on the region, taste preferences in different regions are different. In order to improve competitiveness, many bars and hotels cannot only brew one beer. The number of types of brewing also determines the configuration of equipment, especially the fermentation system.

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3. Beer consumption

Before choosing a set of beer equipment, we should first of all conduct statistics on the beer consumption of our own shop. The consumption of beer is seasonal, and we should have a certain concept of the maximum daily consumption and monthly consumption, so as to ensure that we can continue to produce wine in the peak season.

4. Site conditions

There are many cases where site conditions (water supply, drainage, electricity, ventilation, etc.) are limited.

It is suggested that the site drawings and the surrounding environment of the site be provided to the equipment supplier. If conditions permit, the personnel of the opposite party should be required to visit the site first and provide appropriate solutions according to the site conditions.

5. Daily brewing batch

Brewing batch also determines the configuration of equipment, because the saccharification system and the capacity of the fermentation system can be multiples of the relationship, for example, daily brewing once, saccharification and fermentation capacity is the same, daily brewing twice, fermentation is twice saccharification; However, the maximum multiple cannot be more than four times, the equipment configuration is different, the saccharization time is generally 6-9 hours, a maximum of 4 batches of brewing a day and night, generally 1-2 batches. In order to reduce the initial investment risk and save the cost, it is a good method to choose the multi-batch brewing loss.

6. Beer making process

If you have your own brewing process, it will be provided to the equipment supplier, and the corresponding technical guidance will be provided, so that the equipment supplier can provide reasonable equipment configuration according to the brewing process.


7. The aesthetic of equipment

For the equipment of the beer house, especially the mashing equipment, you can choose copper outsourcing or stainless steel outsourcing, there is also a certain price gap, do not blindly follow, combined with their own decoration plan and the style of the store, choose their own.

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DEGONG complete of beer brewing equipment configuration

1-mill machine

2-Mash system

3-Fermentation system

4-Control system

5-Cleaning system

6-Cooling system

7-Water treatment system

8-Auxiliary equipment

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DEGONG beer brewing equipment features:

A. Craft beer equipment can be made of copper or stainless steel, which is gorgeous and elegant.

B, can be brewed stout, bright beer, red beer, fruit beer and other beer drinks.

C, simple and flexible operation, low power consumption, small footprint.

D. The production environment is clean, pollution-free, and the fragrance of wine is overflowing

E. High degree of automation, even if not professional brewing can also brew good beer.

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If you are interested in craft beer brewing system, please feel free to contact me directly.

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