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Beer has a crown cap, wine has a cork, and liquor has a screw-cap. It's the same wine. Why is there such a difference?

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The three major alcoholic beverages in the world are distilled spirits, beer, and wine. Although they all seem to be alcoholic drinks, they are all for everyone to drink, but there are actually many different places. First of all, we can distinguish them from the appearance. They, and their raw materials and brewing methods are all different. In addition, their degrees are also different. Wine has the lowest degree, distilled spirits the highest, and then beer. In addition to this difference, there are people Certainly, why do they even have different bottle caps? Obviously all glass bottles are used, but beer uses crown caps, wine uses corks, and liquor uses screw caps. Why is there such a difference? Today, the brewing equipment manufacturer will come to give you a detailed answer.

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In fact, the classic lid of beer is called "crown cap", which is a patented cap. In addition to beer, you will also find that this kind of cap is used for carbonated drinks in glass bottles. If you think about the similarities of the two, you will find that they all have bubbles. Although the glass bottle can also be threaded, the fit of the rotating cap is not so ideal.

In contrast, the gland has better sealing performance. For beverages such as beer and carbonated beverages, the bubbles are most afraid of running away, so a crown cap is more suitable. This is why many people think that Coke in glass bottles is better than Coke in plastic bottles.

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Generally speaking, beer bottles do not need cork. Most of them use crown caps to ensure that the beer bottles are sealed. If beer has a stopper, the stopper is made of ceramic, rubber, or steel wire, and it is connected to the beer bottle. The mouth cannot be removed and can be used repeatedly. 

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In addition, cost is also a factor. Many glass bottles of beer use screw caps, but most factories feel that it will increase costs and are unwilling to increase these unnecessary costs on a small bottle cap. Most people who can drink beer generally don't have to cover it back after opening the cap, because the bubbles will run away after opening, so drink it as soon as possible.

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The cork design of wine is more difficult to open. It requires high quality of wine and prevents oxidation during storage, so cork is used to block the air. In addition, when the wine is stored, it will generally be flat. Compared with the metallic taste, the wine will affect the wine, or the rust will cause the wine to deteriorate. For red wine that has been fermented in wooden barrels, cork stoppers are more suitable.

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