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About craft beer , some questions in mash tun

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In addition to the important fermentation tank in craft beer equipment, there are also mash tanks. The beer equipment manufacturer summarized some problems about mash tanks. Hope it will be helpful to you.

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1.The mash tank is double-layer design, mainly divided into upper and lower layers.The lower layer is mainly malted, and the wort boils and cools.The upper layer is mainly for wort filtration, and then spinning.The liner is 304 food grade stainless steel or copper.

2. In the process of mashing and boiling, the sanitary wort pump is used for circulating stirring, which can save the cost of preparing the raker, and the tank is easier to clean, which greatly saves manpower.The mash tank is an integrated equipment for boiling, filtering, mashing and cooling. It occupies a small area and is easy to operate.

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3. If the power of the mash tank is large, it will save a lot of brewing time. Generally, the wort yield of the all-in-one tank is between 50L and 1000L. On this basis, electric heating can fully meet the heating demand, saving the cost of installing steam heating system.

4. The filter material of the mash tank should be thick, and the mesh design has a great influence on the filtration speed of the liquor.

5. Is the overall design of the mash tank reasonable and convenient to operate?

The design of the mash tank machine not only saves the manufacturing cost, but also saves the occupied area of the equipment and the use of manpower.

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The mash tank is divided into an all-in-one machine and a split machine. Although the all-in-one machine is simple to operate, there are many different choices that can not be compared with a split machine. The equipment is suitable for brewery, home brewery, bar, hotel, etc., for practitioners who enter the brewing industry initially. 

The all-in-one machine is easy to operate, cheap, small footprint of beer brewing equipment is the best choice. The brewing equipment of the craft beer equipment is very important for the quality of the finished beer, but it depends on the customer's choice. DEGONG beer equipment will provide you with the best solution.

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If you want to start a new craft brewery, welcome to contact me. Because we know what you need.

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